Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Plans Still Have A Big Johnny Depp Problem.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is currently in the works, but the upcoming sequel already has a massive Johnny Depp-sized problem even before production has begun.

The sixth installment in the popular Disney popular was officially confirmed to be in the early stages of development last month, with the announcement that the film will serve as a reboot of the Pirates series.

While few details about Pirates of the Caribbean 6 are currently known, the movie is expected to feature a completely different cast from the original films, creating something of a conundrum regarding Johnny Depp.

Five Pirates of the Caribbean movies were released between 2003 and 2017, all of them starring Johnny Depp as the incompetent yet charming pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Owing to the actor’s complicated relationship with Disney following a string of much-publicized controversies concerning his relationship with Amber Heard, Johnny Depp’s role in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 seems unlikely. However, that creates a big issue for the franchise going forward that Pirates 6 will need to overcome.

Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow Is Still The Face Of Pirates Of The Caribbean

The Actor Is Synonymous With The Franchise

Captain Jack Sparrow is undoubtedly Johnny Depp’s most famous character, despite the actor enjoying a long and varied career in film both prior to and since taking on the role.

Likewise, Depp, for the first five installments at least, was the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise’s key player, appearing in every film and being a major focus of each entry’s marketing.

This is all extra impressive, given that Jack Sparrow was never really the protagonist of the original films. However, he certainly became a stand-out character in the eyes of moviegoers.

Not only is Depp’s Jack Sparrow popular with fans of the films, but the character has also become a popular culture icon.

His appearance is incredibly distinctive and easily recognizable, and it’s likely that even a person unfamiliar with the Pirates movies would still have an awareness of Captain Jack Sparrow.

So synonymous with the franchise is Depp’s Sparrow that the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at various Disney Parks was reworked to feature him more heavily.

Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean go together well, which means that Pirates 6 has a tough job on its hands.

A Pirates Of The Caribbean Reboot Would Struggle To Move Out Of Jack Sparrow’s Shadow

He’s The Reason Why Many People Love The Films

Johnny Depp’s absence from the upcoming installment has largely been confirmed by Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who said a reboot is the easier option because they “don’t have to wait for certain actors.”

Though a reboot of the series has its merits, it’s hard to escape the idea that a new Pirates film is in danger of struggling without Depp.

For starters, without a familiar face, particularly one as recognizable as Captain Jack’s, prospective moviegoers will be reluctant to see the film, meaning it could end up underperforming at the box office.

This could be alienating to general audiences who will attend a showing of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie expecting to see Depp as Jack Sparrow.

Furthermore, the nature of the reboot probably means that Pirates 6 will likely adopt a whole new continuity, resulting in Jack Sparrow’s absence being unexplained.

This could be alienating to general audiences who will attend a showing of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie expecting to see Depp as Jack Sparrow.

Even if Disney manages to sell the film, Depp is a massive onscreen presence, and, like Sparrow, he’s easily the most reliably entertaining aspect of the series.

Therefore, anyone tasked with filling Depp’s boots as the face of the franchise has a lot to live up to.

Pirates Of The Caribbean Is Still Right To Reboot, Despite The Problems

The Series Is In Dire Need Of A Fresh Start

Though Pirates of the Caribbean 6 and any further installments in the franchise have many big issues to resolve regarding Depp’s lack of involvement, the decision to reboot the series is ultimately the right one.

After all, the first five Pirates movies grew staler and more convoluted with each passing entry, with the franchise’s declining Rotten Tomatoes scores only confirming this.

A fresh start, therefore, is precisely what the Pirates films need. There is, essentially, a wealth of potential when it comes to characters, lore, and storytelling possibilities, meaning a less Jack Sparrow-centric Pirates movie is an exciting prospect.

Additionally, given that Johnny Depp’s reputation isn’t what it once was, it makes sense for Disney to stop relying on him.

Recent blockbuster movies, such as The Flash, have proven how much damage can be caused by a controversial star’s involvement.

Even if Depp was brought back for Pirates of the Caribbean 6, there’s no guarantee it would be a hit; it would be at risk of being the opposite.

Consequently, an update of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise with brand-new characters and stars is undoubtedly the right decision, even if it’s not an easy one.

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