Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp had fans begging him to see a dentist as he flashed his gnashers at the Cannes Film Festival this week – but he’s undeterred

Johnny Depp has confessed he’s “proud” of his “rotting teeth” in an resurfaced interview after fans begged him to go to the dentist.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star drew comparisons to his character Jack Sparrow at the Cannes Film Festival this week as he bared his not-so pearly whites for the cameras.

Worried fans soon took to Twitter, with one writing: “Very, very, very inspired to brush my teeth, floss and use a tongue scraper every time I see a pic of Johnny Depp at Cannes.”

Someone else agreed: “Johnny Depp needs to see a dentist. His teeth make him look unhealthy.”

Johnny Depp is ‘proud’ of his ‘rotten’ teethThough a third defended the actor: “If Johnny Depp doesn’t want fake ultra white teeth he doesn’t need them. I have seen a lot worse as well.”

But in a 1995 interview the actor, now 59, boasted: “I’ve got loads of cavities. I had a root canal done eight years ago that’s unfinished. It’s like a rotten little stub.”

Speaking to Premiere Magazine, Depp said he’s “proud” of his teeth and “likes” his smile.

The star added: “It’s like when the Indians would make something beaded, they would always put imperfections on it. I’m proud of these.”

The actor says he has ‘loads of cavities’ and a failed root canal 

And he would rather “swallow a tick” than have “perfect” Hollywood veneers.

The interview did, however, remark that Depp’s breath had “no odour” despite “a chain of cigarettes and several glasses of merlot”.

Depp has changed his teeth for various roles over the years, and did wear veneers for his 2005 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, in which he played Willy Wonka.

Depp has changed up his smile for various film roles 

The star explained to Dark Horizons: “Doing stuff for the look of Wonka was incredibly important. It was incredibly important to have a feel for it and to be able to put that costume on and click those veneers into my mouth and the teeth, which actually changed the shape of my face a little bit.”

He also got real gold teeth to play Jack Sparrow in the Pirates franchise – keeping them in for the first three films in the series.

The gold caps were Depp’s idea, with one report claiming: “He predicted that executives would want fewer gold teeth than he envisioned. As such, he went to his dentist and asked them to implant extra gold teeth as a bargaining tool.”

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