Johnny Depp’s Friends ‘Fear His Partying’ Habits Are ‘Catching Up’ to Him: Inside the ‘Ugly Details’

When Johnny Depp’s band, the Hollywood Vampires, took the stage for a 19-song set at Boston’s Wang Theatre on July 29, the fact that they were actually playing a scheduled show on the tour was surprising.

In May, the group — which also features legendary rock stars Alice Cooper and Joe Perry — had to reschedule multiple shows after the Pirates of the Caribbean star, 60, injured his ankle.

Then on July 18, just minutes before the Hollywood Vampires were set to perform in a Budapest sports arena, that show was canceled.

The reason cited was that Johnny was “unwell.” A week later, a performance in Slovakia was also nixed the day of (though this time an “unsafe venue” was the cited cause).

All the cancellations, not to mention recent sightings of Johnny hobbling around the Boston area using a cane, have friends and fans alike worried that hard living is seriously hurting the notorious bad boy.

“Johnny’s pals fear his partying is once again catching up to him,” an insider exclusively tells Life & Style. “Some claim his boozing has gotten so bad that they want to stage an intervention.”

Multiple reports claim the Budapest show was canceled at the last minute because Johnny had passed out in his hotel room and a doctor had to be called. “His bandmates were furious but also concerned,” says the source.

“Johnny doesn’t know when to stop.”

Once Hollywood’s ultimate leading man, Johnny always had a reputation for loving wine and living it up, but during his divorce and defamation court battles with ex-wife Amber Heard, 37, over the past few years, the world got a taste of just how crazy his life could become. “We heard all the ugly details and saw the shocking video of him at his worst,” says the source.

And while the public gawked at Johnny’s admitted substance abuse misadventures, many figured that with the trial over, he might be able to finally put it all behind him and start fresh. Sadly, that hasn’t been the case, claims the source.

“There are probably a lot of reasons he wants to check out, but some say the Amber drama still affects him. He’s famous for falling down, picking himself up, brushing himself off and moving on, but he can’t do that forever, and at some point something is going to give.”

At 60, adds the source, “Johnny is way too old to be acting like a young rock star. He’s just not bouncing back like he used to.”

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