Johnny Depp is showing his support for his daughter Lily-Rose after she revealed more about her sexual identity on Instagram.

Lily-Rose, who is only 16 years old, was featured in a post by her friend iO Tillet Wright, who shared that Lily-Rose falls on the LGBTQA spectrum.

This spectrum includes Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, and Asexual/Allied.

Johnny has been supportive of this cause since last year, when he was photographed wearing a patch on his trousers that read “We Are You”.

The patch was related to the Self Evident project, which Lily-Rose’s friend iO Tillet Wright wrote about in her post.

It seems that Lily-Rose must have been open with her father about this as early as 12 months ago.

At the time, Johnny was with Amber Heard, as they were seen shopping at Bauman Rare Books Store in April of last year.

The patch was on Johnny’s baggy jeans, and he even stopped to point at it in front of photographers.

In the original post, iO Tillet Wright expressed her pride and happiness in Lily-Rose’s decision to be a part of the Self Evident project.

Created by artist iO Tillett, this project shares images of Americans who fall somewhere on the LGBTQA spectrum.

Lily-Rose has been seen in recent Instagram pictures getting close to supermodel Stella Maxwell, sparking rumors that they might be dating.

Stella, who is 24 years old, posted two pictures with Lily-Rose following a shoot with Love magazine.

Fans are confused about Lily-Rose’s relationship with singer Miley Cyrus, who she was previously linked to.

Lily-Rose is adding her voice to a growing list of female stars who have spoken out about their sexual orientation.

Cara Delevigne, Kristen Stewart, and Miley Cyrus have all described themselves as sexually fluid, rather than using specific labels like bisexual or gay.

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