Travis Kelce opens up on life with Taylor Swift in rare moment on New Heights podcast… as he reveals he is ‘having a blast’ and ‘doesn’t know’ how he got pop superstar into the NFL: ‘She wasn’t into sports’

Travis Kelce let his guard down to speak about girlfriend Taylor Swift on the latest episode of his New Heights podcast, admitting that he doesn’t know how he managed to get the pop superstar into sports.

Kelce is notoriously private when it comes to speaking about his romance with the world’s most famous musician, but their love story took over the world during the NFL season as she traveled around the country to watch him play.

Now, though, the Kansas City Chiefs star has admitted he has no idea how he managed to get her into the NFL, given her lack of prior knowledge and passion about sports in general.

Speaking to rapper and actor Lil Dicky on the latest episode of his New Heights podcast, Kelce said of his current situation: ‘It’s fun, man. I’m having a blast in life baby, just flying high and enjoying it all… bringing new lives to the football world, and opening the football world up to new things.’

In response, Philadelphia native Lil Dicky said: ‘I think it’s the best thing ever, I love it. My take on it, not that you want to talk about it for the 5000th time, there’s something that makes people feel like the world is like high school.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s romance took over the NFL – and the world – last season

Travis admits that Taylor ‘wasn’t into sports’ when they met – but he has since changed that 

The high-profile pair hug on the field after the Chiefs secured their place in the Super Bowl 

“Your most popular popstar, beloved musician, somehow met your most popular beloved athlete and they actually fell in love and it’s just real. Anyone who hates on it is a bitter loser. I think a lot of people who would expect to hate on it actually love it, and they acknowledge they love it because there’s something so American about it.”

‘I appreciate that,’ Kelce said in response. ‘I don’t know how I did it, because she wasn’t into sports, so I don’t know how the f*** I did it.’

Lil Dicky then joked, ‘well, you did it because you said you called her out on your multimedia platform,’ leading to laughter and Travis replying: ‘Yeah I know exactly how I did it.’

Lil Dicky appeared on ‘New Heights’ this week as the special guest of Jason and Travis Kelce

Lil Dicky is known for combining comedy and rap into one art form, like on his TV show ‘DAVE’

Lil Dicky managed to get Kelce to open up on his relationship with Swift on the latest episode 

Travis and Taylor’s relationship began after he attended one of her Eras Tour shows and then went on to tell his podcast listeners that he failed to meet her after the show, despite making her a friendship bracelet.

One thing led to another and the pair did eventually meet, hitting it off and going to become America’s hottest couple.

She then traveled to 13 of his NFL games in the 2023 season, trekking to the likes of Wisconsin, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Baltimore, Buffalo, Kansas City, and – of course – the Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

Their kiss on the field after the game produced one of the most iconic photos of recent times, and they have gone from strength-to-strength over the last few months too, vacationing together in the Bahamas as they both enjoy time off.

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