When “Killshot” dropped, Yelawolf was ready to either diss MGK or work with him, depending on Marshall’s decision.

Yelawolf is on the circuit, promoting “Everything”, a lead single for his upcoming album “War Story”. He made a stop at the Bootleg Kev podcast and, while answering a hundred questions, managed to briefly touch on the history behind “Rowdy”, a song from his 2019 Shady Records album “Trunk Muzik 3”.

Inspired by Master P’s “Bout It, Bout It II”, the song could have had a different line-up, explained Yelawolf. When working on “Rowdy”, Yela’s producer, DJ Paul, came up with a daring idea:

He goes, “Hey, go get MGK and Eminem. We’ve got the craziest record of all time. Y’all three white boys, get out of here. It’s gonna be crazy!” And I was like, that’s not a bad idea, actually. So, I recorded it and sent it to Marshall. Next thing you know, Marshall fucking went crazy on MGK. And I had to pivot.

Asking Eminem to step in on the record with MGK didn’t seem possible after Em dropped his devastating “Killshot” aimed at MGK, the most streamed and highest certified diss track of all time. However, Marshall had no plans to make Yelawolf join his beef.

Yela, who had MGK’s feature locked by that time, was ready for either scenario: he would diss MGK if asked or release a song with him if allowed. But there was no pushback from Shady Records for having MGK on the album, Yelawolf asserts:

Marshall was all about it. Respectfully, I did tap in. I’m not a fool. To be honest, it was like, if you say no and you say go to war, then it’s curtains. Respectfully, on some hip-hop shit, tap in with the sensei. So I did. And he was like, “Nah, man, people want to hear that”.

You know, I’ve always had a lot of respect for Marshall, obviously; I’ve looked up to him for years. But that moment was kinda like, damn, man, you really give a fuck about me. You really care that much to put that shit aside and let me live.

Knowing that I had invested in this before I knew this happened. I was like, you are a G, man. I’ve got nothing bad to say about Shady the whole time I was there.

Watch the video below, and you can also learn that Bootleg Kev believes that MGK won a diss battle against Eminem:

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