Meek Mill Flips Drake’s Timestamp Series for ‘5AM in Philly’

Meek Mill in a sporty jacket and Drake in a denim jacket with a chain necklace at an event

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Meek Mill took a page out of Drake’s book and released his own timestamp series song titled “5AM In Philly.” Check it out below.

The track, which was unleashed on Friday, has Meek going deep into his psyche to let off rhymes about several topics, such as the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, dealing with his friends who are either incarcerated or dead, and more.

“Chopper by the bed, glizzy by the door / How you think I’m supposed to live when only thing I see is war? / Yesterday, was on the ‘Gram, I seen a baby on the floor / They said they hit him with a bomb, and that kid ain’t with his mom / And I’m used to seein’ death ’cause I’m from Philly where niggas die / Where the blacks kill blacks and I can’t even tell you why,” Meek raps.

Meek’s “5 AM in Philly” falls right in line with Drake’s beloved series as it’s filled with introspective bars and elite lyricism. Drake kicked off his timestamp series in 2010 with “9AM in Dallas” on his debut album Thank Me Later and followed that up with “5AM in Toronto,” “6PM in New York,” “4PM in Calabasas,” “7AM in Bridle Path” and “8AM in Charlotte.”

While Meek flipped the timestamp series for a quality record, Kendrick Lamar used it to go to war with the 6 God. In the middle of his explosive feud with Drake, K Dot unleashed his second diss track, “6:16 LA,” where he eviscerated the Toronto megastar and revealed his OVO team has a mole.

“Are you finally ready to play have-you-ever? Let’s see / Have you ever thought that OVO is workin’ for me? / Fake bully, I hate bullies, you must be a terrible person / Everyone inside your team is whispering that you deserve it / Can’t Toosie Slide up outta this one, it’s just gon’ resurface / Every dog gotta have its day, now live in your purpose / It was fun until you started to put money in the streets / Then lost money ’cause they came back with no receipts,” Kendrick raps.

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