Selena Gomez’s Shocking Revelation: Doctors Warned She Could Have Had a Stroke Onstage – What You Didn’t Know About Her Lupus Battle!

Selena Gomez, a renowned singer and actress, opened up about a harrowing aspect of her lupus diagnosis, revealing that doctors warned her she could have suffered a stroke while performing. This revelation came during an emotional episode of the Apple TV+ series, Dear…, where Selena shared the profound impact of her illness and the challenges she faced, both physically and emotionally.

Selena Gomez’s journey with lupus began with an unexpected diagnosis. The singer, who felt perfectly healthy, was stunned to learn that her body was fighting itself from the inside.

In her candid interview, Selena recounted the surreal experience of receiving the dire warning from her doctors.

Selena Gomez said that she had a wake up call after doctors said she could have a stroke on stage

It was just my body fighting itself on the inside. That was the most surreal part, because I never felt fatigue; I was young, I felt completely fine. So hearing from a doctor, ‘You could have had a stroke onstage, you could have died’ — it was a lot. But I didn’t allow it to sink in; I didn’t want to process it.

The physical toll of lupus was compounded by the harsh scrutiny Selena faced from the public. As her weight fluctuated due to medications, she became a target for online trolls who shamed her appearance.

Selena bravely addressed this painful experience, explaining how the cruel comments affected her deeply.

She said that her weight fluctuates due to her meditation

My weight would constantly fluctuate because I would be on certain medications. And obviously, people just ran with it. It was like they couldn’t wait to find a thing to bring me down. I was being shamed for gaining weight because of my lupus.

Selena’s story was featured on Dear…, a series where individuals and celebrities read letters from those whose lives they’ve impacted.

Through this platform, Selena revealed not only her health struggles but also her emotional battles with body shaming. Despite putting on a brave face online, she admitted to feeling devastated by the negative comments.

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I lied. I would go online and I would post a picture of myself and say [the negative comments] don’t matter, I’m not accepting what you’re saying — all the while being in the room posting that, crying my eyes out, because nobody deserves to hear those things.

She had a kidney transplant in 2017

In 2017, Selena underwent a life-saving kidney transplant, thanks to her close friend Francia Raisa, who selflessly donated her kidney. Selena expressed immense gratitude for Francia’s unwavering support and generosity.

“I will never, ever, ever be more in debt to a person than Francia. The idea of someone not even second-guessing to be a donor was unbelievably overwhelming.”

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Selena and Francia’s bond was highlighted by their willingness to face the challenges of the transplant together. Selena shared how Francia insisted on getting tested to become a donor and how fortunate she felt that everything aligned so perfectly.

Within three days she went to go do it and she was a match, and it was one of those moments where I felt watched over. I know I was so, so, so lucky.

I understand that that doesn’t happen for a lot of people and I know the outcome of some of those situations and how serious they are. So I do not take it lightly that it’s happened to me that way.

Actress Francia Raisa finally confirms she and Selena Gomez didn't talk for 6 years | — Australia's leading news site

Despite her struggles, Selena remained resilient. She spoke about how she posted positive messages online to protect others facing similar body shaming experiences, even though she was deeply hurt by the comments.

I was posting these things saying it doesn’t bother me because I didn’t want it to bother other people who are experiencing the same thing — getting shamed for what they look like, who they are, who they love. I just think it’s so unfair; I don’t think that anybody deserves to feel less than.

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Selena Gomez’s candid revelations about her lupus battle and the subsequent challenges she faced offer a glimpse into the resilience and strength required to navigate life under public scrutiny.

Her story not only raises awareness about lupus but also highlights the importance of empathy and kindness.

Through her honesty and advocacy, Selena continues to inspire countless individuals facing similar battles, reminding them that they are not alone.

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