After more than a year of separation, Shakira did something with her ex that divided the online community.

It seems that more than a year has passed since breaking up with Gerard Piqué, Shakira must have run out of inspiration to talk about her old love, but that’s not the case…

Appearing at the recent MTV Video Music Awards, Shakira performed the hit song Shakira Bzrp Music Sessions 53 .

This song has many lyrics that tease Gerard Piqué’s ex-lover and his new girlfriend.

It seemed that more than a year had passed since breaking up with Gerard Piqué, Shakira had lost all inspiration to talk about her old love, but that was not the case.

At the awards ceremony, Shakira said she was about to release a new song. Some sources say that this song will be called The Boss .

The song’s name is the nickname that friends of former football player Gerard Piqué once gave Shakira.

The reason is because in 11 years with Piqué, Shakira rarely participated in fun events with Piqué’s friends.

Shakira performed at the MTV Video Music Awards (Photo: Daily Mail).

Because she rarely appeared at fun parties, Shakira was negatively evaluated by many of Piqué’s friends, saying she was arrogant and unsociable. They gave her nicknames and made unsympathetic comments about her.

In the song Shakira Bzrp Music Sessions 53 , Shakira also included lyrics that imply a comparison between herself and Piqué’s new love: “I work out a lot in the gym, but I also need to train my brain more. I’m worth twice as much.” The girl was 22. I traded my Ferrari for a Twingo. I traded my Rolex for a Casio.”

The song Shakira Bzrp Music Sessions 53 has been very successful in the music market, but has also caused mixed debates.

Some fans believe that personal hatred should not be included in a musical product and that hate should not be directed at others through artistic products.

A fan once commented: “Shakira’s new song shows smoldering hatred and unrelenting bitterness. Let’s leave the old things behind. She needs to learn to live strongly and freely.”

Shakira was invited to receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award (Photo: Daily Mail).

Shakira appeared on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards (Video: Daily Mail).

Another fan commented: “Shakira’s criticism of her ex-boyfriend’s new love does not help elevate her and does not solve anything.

Even though it is very hurtful, hurt and resentful, there is only one way to escape. To get out of this, Shakira must know how to stop, end everything and try to live well.”

On the contrary, there are fans who believe that Shakira’s move does not deserve criticism: “Those who criticize Shakira want her to go through pain in silence. That way of thinking is silly. Creating visual art are generally inspired by the artist’s experiences, especially sad experiences.”

Currently, Shakira has left Spain to move to the US to live with the two sons she has with Piqué. At the recent MTV Video Music Awards, Shakira was accompanied by her two sons Milan (9 years old) and Sasha (7 years old).

Here, Shakira was invited to receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for her contributions and influence on the making of music videos as well as popular culture.

At the MTV Video Music Awards, Shakira was accompanied by her two sons (Photo: Daily Mail).

When receiving the award, Shakira said: “I want to share this award with my fans, they have always supported me through ups and downs. My fans have helped me stay steadfast through the struggles that appear in my life.” me”.

When news appeared that Shakira was preparing to release a new song “kicking back” her ex-lover Piqué, there were fans who advised her to stop.

“Piqué cheated on Shakira. It’s not easy to get over. But it’s time for Shakira to focus on her current life and stop “twisting”. Piqué made his choice, Piqué also made his choice. has moved on in his life,” a fan said.

“Shakira is gradually behaving without dignity and beauty in this love story. She is 46 years old and has gone through many experiences, she should not be forever bitter about the past. Piqué did not behave correctly, but Shakira also needs to grow up,” another fan commented.

“It’s enough to dig up old things and feel sorry for yourself. The best revenge is to live your life well and forget the old things,” a fan advised Shakira.

Former player Gerard Piqué (36 years old) with young lover Clara Chia Marti (24 years old) (Photo: Daily Mail).

When returning to single life, Shakira met actor Tom Cruise and racing driver Lewis Hamilton (Photo: Daily Mail).

After breaking up with Shakira, former player Gerard Piqué (36 years old) immediately publicly became attached to young lover Clara Chia Marti (24 years old).

The couple recently had a summer vacation in Croatia. As for Shakira, there have been dating rumors surrounding her, when Shakira met actor Tom Cruise or racing driver Lewis Hamilton.

However, Shakira did not let these dating rumors go too far. Currently, she still shows secrecy in her love life.

Shakira is focusing her efforts on launching new music products, taking care of her two young sons and taking care of her elderly parents who have many health problems.

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