Eminem surpasses 80.000.000 followers on Spotify

In a resounding testament to his enduring popularity, Eminem, also known as Marshall, has achieved a monumental milestone on Spotify.

As the lone representative from the pre-streaming era within the top ranks, he maintains a formidable position at No. 7 on the list of the platform’s most-followed artists.

What truly captivates attention in this ranking is the narrowing gap between Eminem and Drake, who stand shoulder to shoulder in the lineup.

While Eminem claims the title of the second most-followed rapper after Drake, the difference in followers is a mere 3 million.

Notably, Marshall is on the fast track to gaining new followers, outpacing Drake with a weekly influx of 334,414 followers compared to Drake’s 255,483.

In the span of just a few months, Marshall has garnered an impressive 2 million new followers since November, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the moment he bridges the remaining gap.

The Spotify leaderboard of most-followed artists currently stands as follows:

Ed Sheeran — 115,875,902

Arijit Singh — 97,948,188

Taylor Swift — 96,333,937

Ariana Grande — 95,722,993

Billie Eilish — 90,105,010

Drake — 83,405,049

Eminem — 80,000,133

Bad Bunny — 78,047,711

The Weeknd — 76,202,785

Justin Bieber — 75,056,646

Eminem’s continued ascent on this list promises an enthralling race, sparking speculation about how swiftly he will close the gap and potentially claim an even higher position in the near future.

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