Earlier today Eminem released new merchandise to celebrate 25 years anniversary of his major label debut album, The Slim Shady LP. “A 𝓀𝒾𝓁𝓁er instinct runs in the blood” #TheSlimShadyLP zoetrope vinyl drops Thursday w/ the #SSLP25 capsule! Sign up for first access- link in bio.” posted Eminem on Instagram alongside the video of visual presentation of the merch.

Eminem’s post looks nothing strange but when fans checked the official website of Slim Shady, some of the merch looks like to be hinting on something.

There is one particular merch that is called The Real Slim Shady white T-shirts that comes in two packs. And the “2” is written in a strange way to it almost refers to “Slim Shady 2”.

One user said: “i would do anything for Eminem to drop SSLP2, you all know how i love this album and how i keep asking for it for YEARS now lol so if he did that “ Slim Shady 2” on purpose for nothing.. i’m done istg.” Another said: “i know this is supposed to mean there are 2 white 2 shirts but no way they didnt do this on purpose”.

There is also one more hint. But this time, it comes from Eminem’s manager and long-time friend, Paul Rosenberg. The former CEO of Def Jem posted the same merch video on Instagram with the caption: “Special edition @eminem #SSLP25 zoetrope vinyl and a tone of other really great collectibles and gear drops Thursday! Sign up for early access. Trust this stuff is gonna go quick and some of it is … well, you’ll see! ~link in bio.” The last line is what attracted fans’ attention. “Trust this stuff is gonna go quick and some of it is … well, you’ll see!”

Someone said: “Im telling yall the Eminem Vs slim shady album concept is alive and well. 9 Vaulted tracks from the slim shady Era remastered & edited + 9 new tracks for a full 18 song project with a few skits thrown in. The Super Bowl commercial was a hint.” Another said: “Ok what does Paul mean by that last sentence why are they doing this to us.”



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