Having just brought her children to the US to settle, Shakira encountered an unfortunate incident that caused her to have a mental crisis.

Recently, an American man named Daniel Valtier was arrested while standing outside Shakira’s private home. Before that, this man had stalked her because he believed she was… his wife.

Daniel Valtier (56 years old) is facing charges of stalking and harassment. This man has been constantly trying to contact Shakira since she moved from Spain to live in the US in the summer of 2023.

Valtier always said Shakira was his wife. On January 8, Shakira’s bodyguards discovered this man standing outside her villa in Miami.

Before that, Valtier continuously left small gifts for Shakira and her two sons in the mailbox in front of the villa.

Shakira’s side had already asked Daniel Valtier not to send her gifts, nor to post more about her on social networks (Photo: Daily Mail).

Valtier is being held by authorities for stalking. On his personal social network account, this man has posted many fantasies about his relationship with Shakira.

This information was collected by the female singer and submitted to the authorities from January 3.

On January 8, Valtier appeared again outside Shakira’s home. Shakira’s bodyguards discovered Valtier and contacted local authorities to temporarily detain this man.

When appearing in court this Tuesday, Valtier said he could not enforce a no-contact order and keep his distance from Shakira. “She’s my wife. I still talk to her often,” Valtier said.

Previously, Shakira’s side asked this man not to send her any more gifts, nor to post more about her on social networks. However, these requests were not fulfilled by Valtier. Initially, when the court ordered Valtier to be temporarily detained, the requirement for this man to be released was to pay a bail of 50,000 USD.

The judge hearing the case expressed concern about Valtier’s mental health after the man firmly asserted that Shakira was… his wife.

Therefore, the bail amount was immediately increased by the court to 100,000 USD. A no-contact order was officially issued by the court, requiring Valtier not to send items or attempt to contact Shakira under any circumstances.

Daniel Valtier (56 years old) is facing charges of stalking and harassment (Photo: Daily Mail).

Valtier has had many troubles with the law over the past three decades. This man was arrested for crimes related to banned substances, violent attacks, driving while impaired due to the influence of stimulants… The last time this man was arrested Arrested in 2019 for illegal entry.

A few months ago, Shakira had just finished settling her case of being accused of tax evasion in Spain.

To avoid having to go to court in Spain, Shakira agreed to pay 19 million USD in taxes and 5 million USD in fines.

By agreeing to pay the fine, Shakira will be able to avoid having to go to court in Spain, and in addition, she will definitely not have to face a prison sentence.

Shakira has a fortune of about 304 million USD. She affirmed that she did not evade taxes, however, she decided to pay the fine so that her children would not have to see their mother go through another hardship in life.

Shakira said she decided to pay the fine instead of pursuing legal action to the end, because she wanted to spend time with her children and career.

In fact, Shakira is also taking care of her elderly parents. In March 2023, Shakira’s biological mother was hospitalized in the emergency room after suffering a blood clot in her leg.

The incident happened a few months after Shakira’s biological father had a dangerous fall.

These events happened less than a year after Shakira broke up with her long-time boyfriend – former football player Gerard Pique.

Shakira with her two sons (Photo: Daily Mail).

Shakira and Gerard Pique when they were still together (Photo: Daily Mail).

Shakira is the only child of Mr. William Mebarak Chadid (92 years old) and Mrs. Nidia Ripoll Torrado (82 years old).

Her parents’ health problems always have a strong impact on Shakira’s work schedule and life plans.

After breaking up with her long-time boyfriend Gerard Pique in June 2022 after 11 years together and having two children together, Shakira wanted to quickly settle in the US to change her living environment, to forget the sadness, but her parents She constantly experiences health mutations.

In 2022, Shakira’s life had a drastic change, when Gerard Pique publicly announced his affair, while he and Shakira had not yet reached a common decision in their love life.

The news that Pique had an extramarital affair put Shakira in a difficult situation.

Faced with the news crisis, Shakira and Pique officially announced their separation and quickly reached an agreement on child custody. Shakira will directly raise her two young sons.

In April 2023, Shakira officially brought her parents and two sons to the US to settle. However, she quickly became the target of a crazy fan in America, Daniel Valtier.

Shakira sings with her two sons (Video: Entertainment Tonight).

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