Is Shakira being affectionate with Lewis Hamilton? The singer’s photos that are trending in Colombia

One publication has given rise to all kinds of comments


March 22 will be the long-awaited release of Shakira’s new album ‘Las mujeres ya no lloran’, titled after a short fragment of the ‘Music Sessions, Vol. 53’ that she released with Bizarrap and which is openly dedicated to Gerard Pique. One of the images prior to the release of this musical work has given rise to many comments in Colombia.

And the fact is that on March 20, as a taster of what will be the release of her latest creation with the compilation of several songs that are a product of the separation of the former player of Barcelona and the Spanish National Team, Shakira shared a series of images on her social networks.

And in several photos of the carousel, she appears very close to a half-naked man who has been compared to the driver Lewis Hamilton.

This is how Shakira’s new song with Bizarrap ‘La Fuerte’ sounds.

Although it may be coincidence or excessive suspicion, it should be remembered that the Colombian and the Briton were linked due to the meetings they had during 2023, even saying that they had nightly encounters in a luxurious mansion in Ibiza. She never denied it, but no one confirmed it either, and so the issue remained in the air.

Colombians link photo of Shakira’s new album with Hamilton

The publication shows Shakira with pink hair, very much in the style of Karol G, and wearing the same colour in her clothes.

But the most striking thing is the closeness and poses she has with the British-born, French-born actor and model Lucien Leon Laviscount.

The text that accompanies the publication doesn’t say much, at least until you listen to the album and watch the video, to understand exactly what is meant by the words and emoticons used:

That message and Laviscount’s skimpy clothing might suggest that she is some sort of ‘cupid’, but all will be resolved when the Barranquilla-born singer, who spent a long time in Barcelona and is now based in Miami with her children Milan and Sasha, is released.

But beyond the message and the details of the image, the name of Lewis Hamilton appeared again and again on social networks, in response to the ‘Shaki’ publication. Obviously, referring to the actor’s physical resemblance to the Formula 1 star and the alleged relationship they would have had a year after the end of the union with Pique was announced.

On Instagram, every now and then comments appeared with the name or surname of the driver who in 2024 is racing with the Mercedes team and who in 2025 is already confirmed to be moving to Ferrari.

And on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), the same thing happened, but some even claimed that it really was Lewis or that it was the first step in uncovering a future story.

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