Johnny Depp Celebrates Robert Downey Jr.’s Oscar Triumph as Best Supporting Actor: Congrats To My Dear Friend

It’s always fun to witness a relationship of mutual love, respect, and admiration between two great actors.

The selection of strange characters and the fact that Jonny is one of the most renowned actors in Hollywood is what sets the actor Charlie and the Chocolate Factory apart. Recently, Jonny Deep congratulated Robert Downey Jr on his Oscar win.

Jonny Depp’s Sweet Post For Robert Downey Jr

Jonny Depp posted a sweet message on Instagram stories to congratulate Robert Downey Jr on his Oscar win.

They developed this camaraderie despite never working together due to their similar experiences as big Hollywood stars.

Downey’s win was celebrated by Depp, a three-time Oscar nominee, in a post that said, “Let’s do this again..congrats to my dear friend.”

An old interview discussed the friendship between the Pirates of the Caribbean actor and Downey. Depp mentioned that they have “known one another for a million years.”

He continued, “We sort of came up the ranks together in a weird way back in the ’80s. He’s someone I’ve always admired, and we’ve had a good relationship.”

In a previous interview, the actor shared that his son is a big fan of Downey’s character Iron Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jonny Depp’s Son Is A Big Fan Of Robert Downey Jr

When the Iron Man actor and his wife came to his house for dinner, Depp recalled, “He came over one evening for dinner, he and his wife came for dinner, and my son was just like—he couldn’t believe he was sitting next to Iron Man. And so I saw [Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean character Captain Jack Sparrow] leave my son’s eyes, and Iron Man was the ticket.”

The Iron Man star, who has won an Oscar for his role as Strauss in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, thanked the director, “I needed this film more than it needed me, and Chris [Nolan] knew it.” He also thanked the producer Emma Thompson and the “best cast and crew.”

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