“Johnny Depp ‘Proud’ of Daughter Lily-Rose Depp Despite Mixed Reviews for ‘The Idol’ Role”

Johnny Depp is said to think his daughter is ‘doing something right’ if she is getting so much attention due to The Idol on HBO

Johnny Depp is said to be proud of daughter Lily Rose Depp for her role in controversial new drama The Idol.

The new HBO series has come in for strong criticism following its premiere at the weekend, but the Pirates of the Caribbean star, 59, is reportedly a big fan.

Lily Rose, 24, stars as singer Jocelyn in the production, with her character suffering a nervous breakdown on tour before meeting the dodgy Tedros, who is played by The Weeknd.

What follows has been described as “torture porn” in some scathing reviews and Lily Rose has bared all in some raunchy scenes, including a very explicit masturbation scene.

Despite the criticism, Johnny insists his daughter “must be doing something right” to be getting so much attention.

A source close to the Hollywood star told Daily Mail : “Johnny loves that Lily is carving out a career of her own and challenging herself to take on roles that interest her and test her.

“He loves that she is her own person and becoming her own actress. She isn’t resting her career on his success.”

The source claimed Johnny is proud of the strong person his daughter has become and continued: “He believes that she must be doing something right since the role is getting so much attention, and he is proud of her success.”

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After weeks of negative reviews from critics, The Idol was released to the viewing public at the weekend, but the Sam Levinson-directed drama didn’t receive many plaudits.

After the first episode dropped, the series billed as the “sleaziest love story in all of Hollywood” continued to rake in criticism for its graphic sex scenes, as well as backlash directed at its lead character Jocelyn.

In one particular scene, viewers couldn’t help but notice how Jocelyn smoked a cigarette while in a sauna.

Despite some less-than-positive comments, Lily Rose continued to insist Sam was “the best director” she has worked with to date and explained to the publication how she felt her opinions were “more valued”.

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