A boycott of stands as there are still reports of no future appearances of Johnny Depp. creator a “” script he developed for .

Mazin then confirmed that the project could be moving forward with the script he penned, following the eventual end of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Mazin’s update did not state that Johnny Depp, who had been previously announced not to be in the film, would be appear.

Now, viewers are raging online about the lack of . Armed with the hashtag #NoJohnnyNoPirates, Twitter users threatened to boycott the film if it releases in theaters.

suggested that by watching instead, audiences would be able to show Disney “

made use of the #NoJohnnyNoPirates tagline along with posting pictures of Depp as Jack Sparrow.

Representing Depp fans in Brazil, this account shows the global reach of Depp and the films.

Non-domestic viewers chiming in against made the situation worse for the film, which could suffer at the box office due to the suggested boycotts.

Tweeted a similar message, adding the hashtag #JohnnyDeppIsJackSparrow to the mix.

pointed out that Depp keeps trending amidst all the controversies and claims that he is no longer “.”

asserted that Disney should “” or else “.” The user tagged Disney in their message, urging the industry giant to give attention to the viewers rampantly supporting Depp.

Before Depp’s defamation trial with ex-wife Amber Heard, the actor was thought to return as Jack Sparrow in the sequel.

Since then, Depp reported that he was fired from , especially as Heard was found guilty in the trial.

Disney has not made any claims to the contrary since, and with Mazin’s update, it seems like will continue on without Depp.

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After 2017’s was a critical and domestic box office flop, Disney may look to other ways to enhance the chance of success for .

If audiences have any sway, the way to achieve that would be through the return of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Source: Twitter (Various, See Above)

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