Shakira comes under fire for social media video again

Shakira, the Colombian superstar, recently found herself at the center of attention once again, this time due to a social media video that sparked controversy.

Known for her electrifying music and vibrant personality, Shakira has been riding a wave of success following the release of her new album, ‘Las mujeres ya no lloran’.

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The album, a personal revelation through music, has garnered 7 platinum records shortly after its launch, celebrating Shakira’s ever-growing influence and popularity on the global music scene.

In a moment of jubilation, Shakira shared a video with her followers that was meant to encapsulate the sheer joy she’s experiencing.

Filmed from her sports car, the video features the singer driving while blasting music, accompanied by one of her best friends.

“Driving with my best friend. Aiming at full volume,” Shakira captioned the video, inviting her fans into this intimate moment of happiness and celebration.

Bài viết do Shakira (@shakira) chia sẻ

However, the reaction to the video was mixed. While many fans continued to praise her for her achievements and the powerful collaboration with Cardi B featured on the album, others raised concerns over the safety implications of her actions in the video.

Critics pointed out the apparent recklessness of recording a video while driving, labeling it as irresponsible and a poor example for her millions of followers.

Comments poured in, urging the singer to prioritize safety and expressing disappointment over the potentially dangerous behavior.

Despite the backlash, there were voices within the community that defended Shakira, suggesting that the criticism was overblown and that the momentary lapse should not overshadow her accomplishments and positive impact.

Shakira always making headlines Through the noise, one thing remains clear: Shakira’s actions, whether in her personal life or through her music, never fail to capture the public’s imagination.

As Shakira prepares for her upcoming tour, which is anticipated to be a landmark event, she continues to navigate the complexities of living in the public eye.

With the support of her dedicated fans, she addresses controversy the same way she deals with all aspects of her life: with resilience, music, and an unbreakable connection with those who admire her.

This incident, like many before, illustrates the delicate balance between public figures’ personal expressions of joy and the responsibilities they hold as influencers in the digital age.

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