Shakira, Shakira! Colombian singer shows off her killer abs in new video Loca

Shakira is back to what she does best in her new music video.

The Colombian singer squeezes into a gold bikini top and sequinned trousers, showing off her killer abs as she shakes those famous hips.

Shot on a stunning Barcelona beach, Shakira, 33, duets with British rapper Dizzee Rascal for her latest offering, Loca.

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Toned to perfection: Columbian singer Shakira shows off her honed abs in her new music video Loca, released today

It is the first single from her upcoming album, The Sun Comes Out (Sale el Sol), which is due out on October 19.

In the video, Shakira gets up close and personal a male dancer as they put on a sultry routine together.

The storyline see the pop star go on a madcap adventure that includes roller-skating, public wardrobe changes, motorbike riding and dancing around in a fountain.

Sultry: The singer gets up close and personal with a male dancer in the video

Shake it: She gets those famous hips in motion as she dances on a beach in Barcelona where the video was shot

She filmed the video during a visit to the Spanish city in August. It was directed by long-time Shakira collaborator Jaume de Laiguana.

According to the New York Post, Barcelona’s authorities are considering fining the singer for stopping traffic as she filmed sequences.

Her actions are considered a violation of strict antisocial behaviour laws.

Shakira, who didn’t get any permits, danced in a public fountain (Pla de Palau fountain) and rode on the back of a motorcycle with her hair flowing in the wind, when she should have worn a helmet.

Body to die for: The 33-year-old star is in enviable shape

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