Shakira Shines on Stage in Glamorous Outfit at Cedars International Festival, Following a Visit to Her Grandmother’s Hometown in Lebanon

She has been captivating audiences with her energetic performances during her El Dorado World Tour.

Shakira impressed fans once more with her show at the Cedars International Festival 2018 in Lebanon on Friday, following a visit to her paternal grandmother’s village.

The 41-year-old singer looked stunning in shimmering semi-sheer tights that highlighted her slender legs.

At the Cedars International Festival, Shakira, aged 41, wowed the audience with her performance, showcasing her curves in shimmering see-through tights.

Prior to the event, she had visited her grandmother’s village in Lebanon. Shakira donned a bedazzled top with a fierce tiger design, along with stylish black leather boots.

Adding a touch of edge, she accessorized with metallic knuckledusters and arm bands.

Her iconic curly hair was left wild as she delivered an electrifying show, complemented by a subtle makeup to enhance her natural beauty.

Feeling sentimental, Shakira dressed down for a tree-planting event in her grandmother’s hometown in Lebanon earlier that day.

Shakira flaunted her stunning physique on stage wearing a glittering shirt adorned with a fierce tiger design.


Dazzling in her attire, the singer added a touch of fierceness to her ensemble with black leather boots and accessorized with unique metallic knuckledusters and arm bands.

Before hitting the stage, Shakira made a quick stop in Tannourine, Lebanon, where her paternal grandmother once resided.

Opting for a more laid-back look, she sported a soft blush pink jumper and dark jeans while participating in a tree-planting event that featured a commemorative plaque bearing her name.

Shakira, who was solo without her husband Gerard Pique, showcased a more natural look with her curly hair flowing freely past her shoulders and a touch of rosy makeup enhancing her features.

Gorgeous: Shakira’s iconic curly hair was left wild and free as she rocked the stage with her high-energy performance, complemented by a subtle makeup look that accentuated her stunning natural features.

Shakira caught everyone’s attention with her glittering outfit as she lit up the stage from head to toe.

The music artist has a family with her partner, soccer player Gerard Pique, 31, consisting of two children: five-year-old son Milan and three-year-old son Sasha.

In a 2014 photo, she is seen smiling with the locals in the village, wearing mirrored aviator shades to protect her eyes from the sun.

Shakira added some chunky metallic silver bracelets to her outfit and held onto a pink rose while observing a cedar tree being planted in the nature reserve.

How adorable: The singer of Hips Don’t Lie showed off a big grin while taking a picture with the residents of the village and protected her eyes from the sun with reflective aviator sunglasses.


Grins: Shakira, without her spouse Gerard Pique by her side, appeared completely different from her lively on-stage personality as she allowed her curly hair to cascade past her shoulders.

Accompanied by officials from the local community, Shakira paid a special visit to a nature reserve in Lebanon known for its cedar trees, the national symbol of the country.

During her visit, she planted two young saplings, showing her commitment to conservation efforts.

In honor of the occasion, a section of the reserve was named “Shakira Mubarak,” incorporating one of the singer’s family names.

This marked Shakira’s third visit to Lebanon, following previous visits in 2003 and 2011 for a concert.

Celebrated: In commemoration of the event, a designated area within the reserve was dedicated as “Shakira Mubarak,” in honor of a family name associated with the singer, as mentioned by Bahaa Harb, the mayor of Tannourine.

Fan excitement: Later tonight, the beloved pop star will open the Cedars International Festival in Lebanon, a highly anticipated concert expected to draw in a crowd of 13,000 enthusiastic fans.

Shakira was visibly moved as she accepted a plaque in honor of her paternal grandmother’s residence.

At the same time, her sixth concert tour kicked off in Hamburg on June 3 and will bring her to various locations in Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

The tour will come to a close on November 3 in her native Colombia, with the final show taking place in Bogota.

In a November Instagram post, Shakira revealed that the tour had been postponed to 2018 due to health reasons.

Special occasion: Shakira is no stranger to this particular destination, having made her third trip to the country.

Her initial visit dated back to 2003, and she graced the stage once again in 2011 for a remarkable concert.

Getting her hands dirty didn’t bother Shakira at all as she happily joined in to plant the cedar tree amidst the greenery.

Without a break: At the same time, Shakira kicked off her sixth world tour in Hamburg on June 3, with plans to travel through Europe, Asia, and both North and South America.

Getting busy: In a post on Instagram last November, Shakira shared that her upcoming tour would be pushed back to 2018 due to health concerns.

The singer revealed that she experienced an unusual hoarseness during tour rehearsals, which led to the discovery of a haemorrhage on her right vocal chord.

In a heartfelt message, Shakira expressed her gratitude to fans for their support as she focused on healing and recovery.

The Grammy-winning artist shares two sons, Milan, five, and Sasha, three, with her partner of several years, soccer player Gerard Pique, 31.

The couple first started dating in 2011 and currently resides in Barcelona, Spain with their young children.

Coming back to the story, the celebrity mentioned that she noticed a peculiar raspy feeling during her tour rehearsal. To her surprise, she discovered that she had developed a hemorrhage on her right vocal cord.

Shakira beamed a wide smile while taking photos with the community members during the event.

Getting cozy: The singer leaned in closely to a friend at the event.

Appreciative: Shakira’s commemorative plaque, featuring a striking image of the singer, was placed among the serene cedar trees.

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