Shakira made quite the fashion statement as she attended a video game launch in Barcelona, Spain, last Thursday.

The 38-year-old singer, who is also a mother of two, exuded confidence and style as she stepped into the Hotel Palauet for the Love Rocks event.

Opting for a chic and casual look, she paired a classic grey V-neck T-shirt with figure-hugging jeans, completing the outfit with a touch of glamour in the form of knee-high black suede boots.

Raising the standard: Shakira made a fashionable statement as she attended the Love Rocks games launch in Barcelona, Spain.

With a stylish wide cuff on her wrist and a simple make-up look, she showcased her natural curls flowing past her shoulders effortlessly.

Her joy was evident as she arrived at the upscale event, following a heartwarming picture of her lovely family on social media.

Sharing a sweet moment with her two-year-old Milan and 10-month-old Sasha, she exuded pride as a mother.


In a wow moment, the 38-year-old singer and mother of two made a stunning entrance at the Hotel Palauet for the Love Rocks event, looking absolutely incredible.

Shakira embraced her natural curls, complementing them with a bold cuff on her wrist and keeping her make-up simple for a laid-back look. Her cascading curls flowed past her shoulders effortlessly.

Joyful: With a huge grin on her face, she strolled towards the upscale location after posting a lovely picture of her charming family.

A turning point: That night, Shakira unveiled a brand new video game she collaborated on with Rovio that allows gamers to embark on an exciting global journey alongside her.

In a new business venture, the singer partnered with the creators of Angry Birds to launch a game called Love Rocks.

The game starts in Barcelona, where Shakira currently resides, and takes players on a journey to iconic locations like the Taj Mahal and El Dorado.

In a recent Instagram post, the multi-talented artist and humanitarian looked stunning as she posed with her two sons, whom she shares with her partner, footballer Gerard Piqué.

She exuded a Grecian vibe with a gold chain headband that complemented her flowing curls, giving her a radiant and ethereal appearance.

Wearing a white shirt dress, Shakira looked angelic in the photo as she gazed affectionately at her youngest son.

She captioned the image with “#LoveRocks Shak” to share her excitement about the new game and her special moments with her beloved boys.

In a heartwarming moment, Shakira shared a lovely photo on her Instagram account where she was seen snuggling with her two precious sons, Milan, who is two years old, and Sacha, who is 10 months old.

Getting a little love: The 38-year-old singer and philanthropist looked absolutely stunning in the photo as she held her kids, who she shares with her soccer player partner Gerard Piqué (seen with son Milan).

Milan was as cute as a button in his blue and white striped sweater paired with navy track pants, looking up at the camera with adoration. Little Sasha matched his big brother in a short-sleeved polo shirt and indigo jeans.

The family sat on a mat, striking poses for the Instagram picture. Shakira and Gerard became parents in early 2013, after meeting in the spring of 2010 and dating for just over two years.

Shakira has joined the ranks of Kim Kardashian by releasing her very own app, which is centered around a fun animated game featuring the singer herself.

The app, known as Love Rocks, has been promoted by Shakira through her social media posts, including a shot with her sons where she used the game’s hashtag.

In another venture into the world of technology, Shakira made a special appearance in the popular app Angry Birds as none other than “Shakira Bird.”

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