Taylor Swift and her footballer boyfriend have agreed on marriage plans?

After Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were photographed having sweet moments together while traveling in the Bahamas, the male player revealed more about his marriage plans.

According to media reports, responding to a recent TV show, male player Travis Kelce revealed that he confessed to his girlfriend Taylor Swift that he wanted to be together forever.

The two sides have reached a consensus on marriage, but this is not his official proposal to the singer’s girlfriend.


Not only that, when talking with Arnold Schwarzenegger, an actor famous for films like “The Terminator” or “Conan the Barbarian”, Travis said he would name his child after a character that Arnold once played: “I I think I will name my first child Conan.”


Taylor Swift and boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Although the moment may have been a joke from Travis, his sharing still caught the attention of some fans. They thought maybe Travis was planning to get married with Taylor to soon have a son.

Previously, PageSix quoted a close source saying the couple was thinking about getting engaged this summer: “Taylor and Travis have discussed it (engagement) and both have plans. There are reports that they will get engaged this July on the occasion of our one year anniversary.”

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are one of the most sought-after couples today. Not only “making waves” in the media and social networks. The two are said to start dating from August 2023.

The couple is not afraid to stop, often openly expressing their affection. Despite her busy schedule, Taylor still regularly appears at Travis’ matches.

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