Sleuths covering Taylor Swift’s every move think she and Travis Kelce are on a getaway together — and if they’re at this specific spot … she may be a couple’s vacay repeater.

Here’s the deal … despite her best efforts, people are still tracking Taylor’s private jets — or trying to anyway — and one particular group thinks they’ve got her latest flight pinned down … specifically, for a trip down to the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas.

This group of people who track jets suggest she may have been on a flight Sunday from L.A. to North Eleuthera — and the reason they might be on to something  … some purported pics of T-Swift and TK surfaced online Monday, and it appears to show them in a tropical setting.

More accurately, the photos published by Deuxmoi appear to show Taylor and Travis walking along a dock — although the publication doesn’t offer any details on where this might be.

Luckily for us, we’ve done some digging — and we think we got it figured out … ’cause the dock they’re on looks awfully similar to one that’s just a hop and skip away from the main Eleuthera island … namely, one featured at the Valentines Resort & Marina at Harbour Island.

Take a close look for yourself — it’s hard to say for certain … but on its face, some of the characteristics seem to line up in appearance. So yeah, it’s possible this is where they’re at.


If true — and we’re not 100% sure it is at this point, although there are signs it might be — then this is really interesting … ’cause Taylor vacationed with her ex, Joe Alwyn, in Eleuthera as well once upon a time. In fact, it looks like she may be doing some of the same stuff.

Remember, in 2022 … Taylor and Joe also jetted down to the Bahamas — and they were staying in Eleuthera as well back then … in none other than an airstream trailer owned by Lenny Kravitz. No word on whether she’s shacking up there again with Trav … hopefully not.

What’s interesting about this too … the fact Joe was just in L.A. the other day, this while Travis and Taylor were in town. Seems to be a lot of flashbacks going on with her ex-BF.

One last thing that pretty much confirms these two are enjoying a little R&R — this on the heels of his NFL season being over, and Taylor enjoying a break from her international tour.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … Taylor and Travis have had a vacation planned for a while — although we didn’t hear exactly where they were going.

However, our sources say that after they went on this vacay — which, for now, sure seems like it’s happening right now — they were due to come back to Los Angeles and continue hanging out/playing house.


Taylor and Travis have been shacking up together at her Bev Hills crib for the past couple weeks — and while Taylor hasn’t been spotted out … Trav’s been hitting the town a lot solo.

The guy’s been cruising around with his buddies, and he even went to the Justin Timberlake show last week ahead of the debut of his new album … where he got an *NSYNC reunion.


Anyhoo … assuming these two are on the getaway we think they’re on — this would mark their first real trip together where it’s completely non-work-related … another step in their relationship … and just more evidence that they’re truly getting serious.

As for the Joe shadow hovering over the Bahamas … hey, shake it off. New man, new memories! We’ve reached out to Taylor and Travis’ camp … so far, no word back.

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