The Story Behind Shakira’s New “Puntería” Music Video With Cardi B

I’ve dreamt of a planet where women rule over all, and Shakira just created it alongside Cardi B for her new single and music video, “Puntería.” The duo play daughters of Artemis who hunt down what Shakira describes to Allure as ecstasy-ridden centaurs with six packs. “On this planet, the men are happy to be dominated by women,” she says.

Inventing a matriarchal fantasy planet warranted a backdrop of dreamy pastel sunset tones with hair and makeup to match. Shakira’s signature blonde textured waves are dip-dyed pastel pink in some scenes;

in others, she opts to wear the color on her face instead with shimmering pink eye shadow bordered by aquamarine winged eyeliner. (Cardi B, meanwhile, switches back and forth between two wigs that are nearly long enough to hit the floor, one pitch black and one stark white.)

The collaboration itself was somewhat born of coincidence — Shakira and Cardi B crossed paths for the first time when they both sat front row at Fendi during Paris Fashion Week last July.

“The only time in my life I’ve been to a fashion show,” Shakira says, “And there, in the front row, I meet Cardi B.”Shakira and Cardi B in the music video for “Puntería”



She’d already drafted the lyrics to the song by that point, but there, sitting in a high-profile-recording-artist sandwich (Camila Cabello was sat between them), Shakira found her perfect collaborator. “The song represents the newborn woman,” Shakira explains.

“After you pass through the storm, you start to connect with the woman inside of you, with those womanly needs, your desires, and your passions.” I can think of few women who express their passions and desires more freely than Cardi B.

The music video also serves as an introduction to Shakira’s new album, Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran/Women No Longer Cry, which she released at the same time.

It’s the first album she’s put out in seven years. Together, the 16 tracks are an ode to self-preservation amid hardship — something Shakira knows well after a very public breakup with former soccer player Gerard Piqué. “I was in the mud,” she says. “Making this music has shown me that my pain can be transformed into triumph.”

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