This was Gerard Piqué’s reaction when he saw his children in Shakira’s new video

Shakira’s new musical release has moved millions of her fans around the world. With Acróstico, the Colombian expresses the great love she feels for her children and how together they face the change they have had in their lives in recent months, with their move to the United States.

In the video clip, which surpassed 10 million views in 24 hours, the singer appears accompanied by Milan and Sasha, who sing alongside her and play the piano.

The appearance of the little ones, aged 10 and 8 respectively, in the music video has generated divided opinions on social networks and the media.

Everything was a surprise.

Since the performer has asked the press to protect the privacy of minors and now they are exposed to the world in this musical project.

Given the avalanche of comments and opinions about Acróstico and the participation of the Colombian’s children, what does Gerard Piqué think of the situation?

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Piqué was not aware.

Journalist Lorena Vázquez has reported on the Spanish program Y Ahora Sonsoles that Gerard Piqué did not know anything about the appearance of his children in the recording.

“Gerard Piqué learned that his children were participating in this video clip, when the video clip was released,” said Vázquez.

According to his report, the former soccer player was not asked for authorization for the minors to be part of this project and, in addition, the children would also have hidden this information from their father.

“His closest friends assure us that he knew absolutely nothing that his children were going to be in this video clip,” he said.

That prepares the future.

So far neither the Spaniard nor his legal representatives have made their opinion known on the matter.

Shakira celebrates the talent of her children.
For her part, the singer expressed that the result of this song and its video “brought tears of emotion” to her when she saw her little ones discovering their artistic gifts and enjoying the creative process.

“Both of them have shared by my side in the studio and upon hearing this song dedicated to them they have asked me to be part of it,” explained the Colombian in the post with which she revealed the participation of Milan and Sasha.

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