What’s left of Shakira after her broken relationship with Gerard Pique?

The broken 12-year love story of singer Shakira and football player Gerard Pique makes many people regret. However, for Shakira’s fans, this is a supported decision.

Shakira tried to save the relationship before breaking up 

On June 4, Pique and Shakira – one of the most famous couples in the world – announced their separation after 12 years of togetherness. The couple has a 10 year age difference.

“For the safety of the children, which is a top priority, we ask to respect privacy. We thank you for your understanding,” player Pique shared.

According to some sources, the reason Shakira broke up was because Pique had an affair with a young girl. According to Marca , before announcing her separation from Pique, Shakira repeatedly tried to mend their relationship. The female singer is said to have tried no less than twice to get her boyfriend back. However, her efforts did not pay off.

Pique and Shakira confirmed their separation after 12 years together (Photo: News).

Pique was also accused of betraying Shakira many times. Recently, the Spanish midfielder dated a 20-year-old blonde girl. The girl’s identity has not been revealed.

However, Marca ‘s source said the girl is a student and event hostess in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and is an acquaintance of midfielder Riqui Puig’s girlfriend.

“Pique decided to separate but Shakira didn’t want that. I can’t say exactly what the real relationship is between Pique and the 20-year-old girl. But Shakira feels bad because of her boyfriend’s betrayal”, Ya es Mediodia quoted the source.

After breaking up, on June 5, Pique and Shakira still appeared together in Hluboká, Czech Republic to cheer on their eldest son playing baseball. However, they did not stand next to each other and avoid reporters’ lenses. Both of their attitudes were quite cheerful.

The star couple also began contacting their own lawyers to discuss division of common assets and custody of their two children, Sasha and Milan. Before they broke up, the two were the couple with the most beautiful love story in the soccer industry.

They met in 2010, in South Africa after the World Cup. The handsome midfielder took a year to pursue and conquer the Colombian singer. They are not married but have two children together, Milan (born 2013) and Sasha (born 2015).

The admirable and happy family of Pique and Shakira in the past (Photo: News).

According to Celebrity Net Worth , Shakira has accumulated assets of nearly 350 million USD (8,100 billion VND), while Pique’s assets are 85 million USD (1,900 billion VND).

Since the two are not married, Shakira and Pique’s separate assets will not be affected. The issue that needs to be resolved is common capital and assets, which are in the names of both Pique and Shakira.

The two of them bought a house worth nearly 5 million USD (nearly 116 billion VND) at Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona, ​​Spain in 2012.

In 2015, they bought an apartment near Camp Nou for about 5 million VND. .3 million USD (122 billion VND). These are two rare assets that Pique and Shakira must divide.

Shakira became a rich and famous lady after a broken love story

Shakira has been famous worldwide since Pique first started his football career. At the time the two officially dated in 2011, Shakira was honored as the world’s queen of Latin music with many major music awards and a large global fan base. She is considered a talented artist with a good voice, professional choreography and is not afraid to innovate.

Shakira is a famous Latin singer and owns an estimated fortune of 350 million USD (Photo: News).

Although her singing career has not prospered much in recent years because she is busy taking care of her two children, Shakira still owns a huge amount of wealth accumulated thanks to her reputation.

The famous singer’s net worth is up to 350 million USD (8,100 billion VND) thanks to the sale of more than 75 million records worldwide. She is considered one of the best-selling artists globally.

Shakira is financially independent, so when she left her 12-year relationship with Pique, she was not sad. It is known that the number of followers of the blonde female singer has increased sharply since she announced the end of her love affair with a famous player 10 years younger than her.

The number of followers on the female singer’s social network accounts increased sharply, by 3 million people, since the breakup news was announced.

Specifically, the number of Shakira followers on Facebook is 114 million, Instagram is 74 million, TikTok is 22 million and Twitter is 53 million. Many people believe that Pique’s affair caused the number of Shakira’s supporters to increase.

Shakira received support and a large number of followers after announcing the breakup (Photo: Instagram).

According to Standard , the famous singer spent 5.5 million USD (127 billion VND) to buy a villa in Barcelona, ​​Spain, to live with Pique in 2015.

In 2001, Shakira bought a villa in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Miami, USA, for 3.38 million USD (78 billion VND). In 2018, she sold this real estate for 18 million USD (417 billion VND).

Shakira, Roger Waters (a member of the group Pink Floyd), and musician Alejandro Sanz jointly purchased ownership of a 2 million square meter island called Bonds Cay in the Bahamas. The sale took place in 2011 for 15 million USD (347 billion VND).

In 2019, the mother of two children is said to have spent money to buy a luxury villa in Cyprus. Shakira often uses a private plane to bring her family here for vacation whenever her schedule is free.

Shakira travels by private plane (Photo: Marca).

In addition, the famous singer also owns an incredible collection of Mercedes-Benz cars. Shakira also bought a private plane to conveniently travel and serve work.

Shakira was accused of tax evasion in 2019 and then had to pay more than 15 million USD (347 billion VND) in back taxes. Besides, Shakira had to appear in court and pay a large court fee.

In addition to her huge fortune and brilliant career, Shakira is also a star with a kind heart and a responsible life towards the community. She founded a charity organization in her hometown of Colombia at a young age, when she was not yet globally famous. Fundación Pies Descalzos is a children’s support fund in Colombia that she founded to help orphans and homeless children.

In addition, Shakira also regularly contributes cash to major charity events. By 2020, Shakira had used her own money to build 5 schools in her hometown of Colombia. Besides, she also contributes to food support funds for poor children.

Shakira stirs up the stage with fiery choreography (Video: Youtube).

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