After dissing Drake, Kendrick Lamar offered replica of Tupacs’s iconic ring

Kendrick Lamar has an opportunity to own a piece of hip-hop history, as Maksud Agadjani, a New York City-based lapidary, has offered him a replica of one of 2Pac’s iconic rings.

The offer was made in a Facebook video on Monday, following Lamar’s recent performance where he altered lyrics to hint at a dispute over the original ring now owned by Drake.

During his set at “The Pop Out – Ken & Friends,” Lamar made a reference to the ring, altering the lyrics of “Euphoria” to include: “Give me 2Pac’s ring back and I might give you a little respect.”

Agadjani, seizing the moment, presented the replica, stating, “Well this is 2Pac’s ring right here — this is a replica of the original one purchased by Drake, and Kendrick’s not happy about that. Hey Kendrick, if you can’t get the ring back on your own, you can always buy this one from”

The concert, which also featured several of Lamar’s notable diss tracks aimed at Drake, ended with a performance of “Not Like Us,” which Lamar performed five times consecutively, emphasizing his stand against the disrespect of West Coast legends.

Following the concert, Lamar and fellow West Coast artists hit the streets of Los Angeles to shoot a music video for “Not Like Us.”

While the release date for the video remains unconfirmed, expectations are high for its imminent release.

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