Akademiks Stands up For Lamar Amid Claims that Kendrick Lamar Copied Drake’s Insult Lyrics From Twitter

In the face of claims that Dot copied the words to his Drake diss track “Not Like Us” for his club-worthy music, Akademiks is actually siding with Kendrick Lamar.

Ak wants to give credit where credit is due, even though she is a huge fan of Drake. This week, during his Rumble live broadcast, he discussed the trending post that featured previous tweets from fans who had said similar things to what Kendrick raps on the song. He dismissed it as a random coincidence.

“I’ll just stick with 100. Let me just say that I think Kendrick is a genius. “This song is good,” he conceded. It’s a little simplistic, but that’s precisely what makes it functional. I don’t have to stand here and try to minimize his accomplishments. I believe it paints us as jaded Drake admirers who are only out to destroy the n-gga.

But even though he’s backing Kendrick Lamar on the stealing accusations, Akademiks still believes Drake won the battle.

During an appearance on the Flagrant podcast that was published on Wednesday (May 8), the streamer made a case as to why Drizzy got the better of K.Dot over their heated back-and-forth.

“The rules aren’t the same for both artists,” he explained to host Andrew Schulz at the 1:32:33 mark below. “‘Like That’ was a response to a song called ‘First Person Shooter’ — he drops ‘Like That,’ Drake has never ducked a battle. He’s always been there, right? It’s been like two weeks, Drake didn’t say anything. You know what everyone says: ‘He’s scared.’ This what I’m saying [about] changing the rules.

“Okay, Drake drops — it’s two weeks now, we’re waiting for Kendrick. ‘Yo, chill out, yo, he just takes a while to cook.’ Like what people think about both artists doing the same thing, just taking time to create music.”

He added: “I do like this ‘Not Like Us’ record, I like this record, but I’ma be honest with you. The majority of this battle before we got to this, was Kendrick Lamar sitting back and saying, ‘I’m going to pick you apart as a man — they very fabric of what you portray [yourself] to be. You’ve stolen culture, you’re a bad parent, you’ve made the same mistakes and you won’t live up the responsibility.’

“And you’re looking at him, like. ‘Damn, maybe this guy is a fraud,’ so now if [these are all] completely lies …”

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