Baka Not Nice Reminds Kendrick Lamar Fans Of Drake’s Stage Presence In L.A.

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A lot of Kendrick Lamar fans may still be wondering why he is around, but Baka rushed to show that Drake can rock a West Coast crowd, too.

“The Pop Out” seemingly brought on the dramatic, spotlit end of the Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef, with the latter performing multiple of his disses multiple times and uniting the West Coast while doing so. However, there is a lot of discussion on whether this really settles things, and whether or not the Juneteenth show will have any tangible impact on either of their careers. For starters, the Toronto superstar’s next show in California will definitely be an interesting one to witness, and there’s a big question mark on how the West Coast will really respond to his continued success and movement. But Baka Not Nice thinks that there won’t be any sweat.

Moreover, the OVO affiliate posted footage of Drake’s sold-out show in Los Angeles on tour last year, which contained a hype crowd singing along to his “SICKO MODE” verse. Whether or not Kendrick Lamar’s united Cali against him, it’s too big of a state and he’s too big of an artist to lose significant success there… or anywhere else, for that matter. While fans are still speculating on what Drizzy’s thoughts and reactions are concerning all this, the likely answer is that he doesn’t have to worry too much. After all, neither MC was ever in a position to stop the other in their tracks.

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Baka Not Nice Defends Drake’s Performance Prowess In L.A.

For those unaware, Baka Not Nice was a key player in the Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef. Kendrick specifically accused him of being a sex trafficker and predator based on accusations that emerged from an assault conviction. K.Dot also held some additional disses for his rival, including an offer for “a little respect” in exchange for Tupac’s ring back. Maybe this post from Baka indicates that there will still be direct tension between all these camps this year that isn’t just avoidant resentment.

Meanwhile, Whitney Alford and Dave Free’s respective appearance and production concerning “The Pop Out” caused some more debate around Drake’s claims against Kendrick Lamar. Maybe his disses on “Family Matters” and “The Heart Part 6” are not as true as OVO thought, but there are always murky waters. Either way, debate will likely continue for the rest of hip-hop history. And all the while, Kendrick Stans will ask why Baka’s still around.

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