Bryshere Gray Speaks On Being A Victim Of Diddy & Will Smith’s Abu3e | Got Banned From The Industry.

Bryshere Gray Speaks On Being A Victim Of Diddy & Will Smith’s Abu3e | Got Banned From The Industry.

Bryshere Gray Speaks On Being A Victim Of Diddy & Will Smith’s Abu3e | Got Banned From The Industry.

Have you ever pondered the perplexing trajectory of Brashier’s career, from gracing.

The screens of a colossal production like Empire to vanishing from the entertainment realm without a trace?

It’s an enigma that delves deeper than a mere career downturn — it’s alleged that powerful forces orchestrated Brashier’s exit.

Following the conclusion of Empire, optimism soared for his future, yet it never materialized.


Brashier’s entrance into the industry was marked by Charlie Mack, an influential.

Figure who maneuvered his Hollywood connections to secure an online audition for him on Empire.

His portrayal of Hakeem Lyon was a career breakthrough, facilitated in part by Charlie’s introduction to Will Smith.

Sparking a mentor-mentee rapport. However, this association would seemingly become Brashier’s undoing.

Allegations surfaced linking Will to introducing Brashier to Diddy, supposedly to support his aspirations as a rapper.

Unbeknownst to many, both Will and Diddy were shrouded in longstanding rumors within the industry — tales of unsettling behavior involving other men.

Whispers persisted, echoing stories from Alexis Arquette and Jaguar Wright about Will’s past affairs and mentorship tactics, suggesting a darker reality.

Similarly, reports emerged about Diddy’s involvement with younger individuals.

Leading to Cassie’s lawsuit unearthing shocking details of his preferences and disturbing activities.

Speculation grew, connecting Brashier’s downfall post-Empire to a possible victimization by these influential figures or others in the industry.

Despite initial promise, Brashier’s career spiraled after Empire. Attempts to revive it through music releases and tour plans were thwarted.



Allegations surfaced that his refusal to partake in something uncomfortable led to his blacklisting.

Triggering a downward mental health trajectory aligning with Jaguar Wright’s statements about Will’s alleged manipulation.

Then, a distressing incident involving domestic violence surfaced in July 2020, exposing Brashier’s marital status and an arrest that went viral.

His legal entanglements seemed to deepen a career downturn already plagued by rejection and a prevailing industry blacklist.

Opinions surfaced, attributing his downfall not solely to personal missteps but also to the exploitation by those he trusted in the industry.

The widespread discussion highlighted a pervasive concern — whether Brashier fell victim to industry predators.

Including Diddy or others, prompting reflections on the unsavory underbelly of Hollywood’s power dynamics.

In the wake of these revelations, questions arose about the exploitation of trust, the dark.

Realities obscured behind glamorous facades, and the need for vigilance in protecting vulnerable talents.

So, considering the intricate web of events and allegations surrounding Brashier’s trajectory, the narrative unfolds as a cautionary tale.

Shedding light on the perils faced by aspiring talents under the shadow of influential figures in the entertainment industry.

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