Despite Kendrick Lamar’s “defeat,” Drake defiantly asserts his “G.O.A.T.” status.

Despite the fact that many people believe Drake and Kendrick Lamar are no longer at odds, he doesn’t seem to have let it affect his confidence.

Since the thrilling and, for the 6 God, brutal battle came to an end, Drizzy has presumably made another attempt to cement his place in history as one of the greatest rappers of all time with a semi-cryptic social media statement.

Drake commented, “Goats don’t worry about one trick ponies,” alongside photos of him watching his kid Adonis play soccer while sporting baggy jeans and a cardigan sweater slung over his shoulders.

Together with Adonis’ mother Sophie Brussaux, the Toronto native was present for the game.

Drake’s recent ambiguous post follows the closure of his feud with Kendrick.

He shared pictures of himself at his Toronto mansion on Instagram last week. In recent weeks, the property has been the subject of drive-by shootings and trespassers.

He wrote as the description for the carousel, “My Rolex dealer is the only yes man around me.”

The post might have been a reaction to some of Kendrick’s allegations on his OVO team, as he claimed in his diss songs that Drizzy’s group includes multiple 𝓈ℯ𝓍 offenders and a mole.

Additionally, Drake deleted his own hate songs on Instagram, a decision that infuriated supporters.

A fan shared a screenshot of Drizzy’s “Taylor Made Freestyle” lyrics, in which he rapped, “You tryna let this shit die down, nah, nah, nah/ Not this time, n-gga, you following through.” Drizzy was previously compelled to remove the song after 2Pac’s heirs threatened to take legal action.

They declared, “This line has officially aged the worst throughout the whole beef.”

“Imo, Drake’s best moment in this beef was that little exchange between Push Ups and Taylor Made; everyone thought Kdot wasn’t answering,” another person remarked. The way his tone changed was crazy, I believe, after he realized Kendrick was willing to burn all bridges in order to defeat him.

Drake is thought to have moved on from the beef, especially in light of his recent hinting at a potential summer takeover.

Early in May, he released “The Heart Part 6,” the final song in the conflict, which was poorly welcomed by both fans and reviewers.

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