Does Drake have any siblings? Is there a sister for the rapper?

Drake, is he the only child? This is all the information that we have about Drake’s siblings.

Drake has always demonstrated that he is a family man by frequently posting pictures of himself with his father Dennis Graham and mother Sandi Graham.

The Canadian rapper has never publicly stated whether or not he has siblings, despite the fact that he freely invites his parents to premieres, award shows, and other public events.

The rapper known for “Laugh Now, Cry Later” frequently writes songs in memory of his mother, and his father has appeared multiple times in his music videos. Drizzy’s genuine appreciation for his parents is evident.

Does Drake, however, have siblings? and how many, if any?

Does Drake have siblings?

While there has not been any official reports of Drake’s siblings, many fans are convinced the rapper has a sister.

Over the years, fans has suspected that Drake has a half-sister on his father’s side.

The rumours became rife back in 2015, when Drake shared a few photos on his Instagram, of a young woman her referred to as his “sister”.

The Canadian rapper shared several photos with a lady named Raemiah Julianna.

At the time, Drake had tagged @raemiahjulianna, who made that account inactive, and changed her Instagram to @raemoneyyy with a private account.

While this has not officially been confirmed, fans do recognise their resemblance on the photos Drake shared of them both.

However, it is possible that Drake meant “sister” in a friendly way.

See more photos of Drake and his alleged sister below.

Does Drake have kids?

Drake has a one child – his son Adonis Graham – who he shares with model Sophie Brussaux.

Their son Adonis was born on October 11th 2017. Adonis was conceived as a result to Drake’s short term affair with Brussaux.

In fact, Drake and Sophie allegedly met just twice, according to Drake’s own song lyrics.

Drake and Brussaux were caught by paparazzi during their dinner in Amsterdam.

Their dinner date sparked controversy as Drake was romantically linked to Jennifer Lopez around that time.

Adonis originally came to the attention of the public during Pusha T’s rap feud, when it was claimed that Drake was “hiding his son” from the public.

Drake stated in a song on Scorpion that he wished to keep his son out of the spotlight for as long as possible.

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