Drake confuses fans as he poses with Taylor Swift ‘lookalike’ amid Speak Now re-release

Taylor Swift has released her new album Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), after re-recording tracks from the original 2010 album, and fellow musician Drake seemingly marked the occasion in a post

Drake confused fans this morning by seemingly sharing a photo of a Taylor Swift ‘lookalike’ to celebrate the release of the singer’s new album Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).


Taylor, 33, has just released the re-recorded version of her third album – which was originally released in 2010 – and fellow musician Drake, 36, seemed to mark the occasion.

He took to his Instagram Story earlier this morning to share a photo of himself and another person, writing in the accompanying caption: “Congrats on the drop sis. Dialed in [sic].”

The other person in the photo has been referred to as a Taylor “lookalike,” with an individual named Jaime Carson having since claimed to be the person in question.

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Some fans were confused over it, including a few people who believed it was Taylor. One wrote: “It’s not Taylor?” Another said: “That’s Taylor Swift. Stop confusing me.”

A third tweeted: “That has to be Taylor.” Another asked: “Is it Taylor?” One person wrote: “Wait I really thought that was Taylor.” Another said: “For a second I thought it was her.”


Some people said it wasn’t her though. One wrote: “Y’all it’s a joke. That’s not the real Taylor.” Someone else commented in a tweet this morning: “She doesn’t look like Taylor”.

Others weren’t sure if it was meant to be a joke. “I can’t tell if he’s joking or if he genuinely think it’s her,” wrote one person. Another said: “I’m confused why did he do this?”

“Drake is way too old to be doing this like why he been so shady to Taylor randomly,” said another. One fan asked: “Is this supposed to be shade or a joke? It feels like just a joke.”

Taylor’s album Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) was released this morning ( Image: AFP via

Jaime – who’s said to be in the photo – has said that it was taken this morning. She also wrote in a tweet earlier: “It was just a joke he made cause I get told I look like her a lot.”

It’s understood that Drake and Taylor have been close friends for some years. He attracted attention last year though after seemingly shading her when her song Anti-Hero topped the Billboard Hot 100 in competition with one of his songs.

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