Drake has revealed for the first time his luxurious room exclusively dedicated to storing watches in his mansion: each type is kept in its own separate box, resembling a showroom

For the very first time, Drake has unveiled a lavish room within his mansion dedicated solely to the storage of watches. This exclusive space showcases his impressive collection, with each timepiece meticulously housed in its individual box, evoking the ambiance of a high-end showroom.

Drake's Watch Collection: Richard Mille and Beyond


Drake Shows Off Rare, $600,000 Watch During Raptors-76ers Game | Complex

The room exudes sophistication and luxury, reflecting Drake’s discerning taste and appreciation for horology. With this revelation, Drake offers a glimpse into his world of opulence and refinement, showcasing not only his remarkable collection but also his penchant for curated elegance.

Drake's $5.5 MILLION Birthday Gift to Himself is One-of-a-Kind Watch


Drake Watch Collection is Very Impressive – IFL Watches

Drake Watch Collection is Very Impressive – IFL Watches

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