Drake is still kind to Rick Ross: ‘Even though your lover spoke up to protect me, I will still forgive you if you proactively stop this ridiculousness’

Sad by Rick Ross!! Rick Ross’s ex’s, Tia Kemp and Cristina Mackey, both came out to support Drake amid his and Ross’ controversy





Rick Ross’ Exes Rally Behind Drake Amidst Ongoing Feud

In the latest development of the Drake and Rick Ross feud, Tia Kemp and Cristina Mackey have thrown their support behind Drake, adding a spicy twist to the drаmа.

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Tia Kemp, who shares a child with Ross, boldly offered to spill private details about the rapper to Drake, signaling her allegiance with the Toronto artist. In a social media video, she provocatively called out to Drake, teasing, “Call me. I’ve got something juicy for you.” Her cryptic messages sparked intrigue among fans and ignited a flurry of reactions, with some questioning her loyalty to Ross.



Meanwhile, Cristina Mackey, another of Ross’ former flames, opted for a more subtle approach. She shared a video of herself vibing to Drake’s music, subtly aligning herself with his camp.

As the feud unfolds, reactions from fans and peers pour in. While Ross swiftly responded to Drake’s jabs, Kendrick Lamar remаins silent, leaving fans eager for his take. On a different note, The Weeknd seemed to respond to the leaked diss track with a cryptic Instagram post, adding another layer of intrigue to the saga.

Stay tuned for more updates on this escalating feud, as the hip-hop world braces for further twists and turns.


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