Drake recruits Morgan Wallen to costar in his new music video for ‘You Broke My Heart’


Drake & Morgan Wallen

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Drake and Morgan Wallen’s unexpected bond over their exes literally blows up in their faces in the official music video for Drizzy’s “You Broke My Heart.”

On Wednesday, December 20, the Canadian rapper released the visuals for his song “You Broke My Heart” off his For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition LP. The video, directed by Theo Skudra, begins with Aubrey and Morgan enjoying dinner together as they boast about cutting their ex-girlfriends out of their lives. After they leave the restaurant, Drake drives away with Wallen in the passenger seat. That’s when their exes, played by Grace Matthews and Taylor Morris, step in and detonate a bomb that turns both artists into smithereens.

Once the car is engulfed in flames, the two leading ladies dance around and lipsync the lyrics in Drake’s song before they’re confronted by police. The video comes just a few weeks after the 37-year-old rapper released the deluxe version of his recent solo album. It also marks the first time Drake and Wallen have collaborated.

Wallen is no stranger to the rap world. The country singer was embroiled in controversy just two years ago after a leaked video showed him using racial slurs. Following the drama, Wallen made enough amends to attract the likes of Lil Durk, who collaborated with him for “Broadway Girls” in 2021 and “Stand By Me” off Durk’s recent album Almost Healed. Wallen also brought out Wiz Khalifa to perform “Black & Yellow” at his concert back in September.

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