Drake reportedly paid a Kendrick Lamar associate $150K in exchange for Whitney Alford’s fiancée’s information.

Drake reportedly paid a Kendrick Lamar associate $150K in exchange for Whitney Alford’s fiancée’s information.

A rapper is revealing how Drake allegedly paid him $150K for any information about Whitney Alford, the fiancée of Kendrick Lamar. The rapper Coolee Bravo, who is purportedly connected to K. Dot, discussed the offer in the audio clip that went viral on the internet on Sunday, May 12. The Art of Dialogue uploaded the audio. Bravo explained that he wasn’t sure what the request meant and declared that he would never abandon a fellow citizen for “a Canadian outsider.” However, he acknowledged that he had helped out to some degree: Bravo says he stole the money and gave Drizzy’s team false information about Whitney and Kendrick’s connection.




Bravo started laughing and continued, “[Drake] sent some ni**as to Atlanta not knowing—See, this is why I say Kendrick f**ked him up bad.” “He attempted to come here and obtain some Kendrick-related information. I am just connected to Kendrick’s friend L, thus I am unable to obtain any information about him.

“So they come to me and they try to give one of my little homies $100,000,” the speaker continued. “What are they asking for?” I ask. and they ask, “What do you know about Whitney and all that sh*t? They want to know something about Kendrick.” “Whitney is [in New York] with [Kendrick], but be aware that this is a bombshell—they are unaware of it,” I thought to myself. Drake asking, “Why do you live in New York?” and all that shit. “Ohhhh, they stupid,” I exclaimed. I thus said, “Take the money; I’m going to tell them a lie.”


Rapper Coolee Bravo acknowledges that he provided Drake with bogus information and that Drake paid him $150K for information about Kendrick Lamar’s wife, Whitney. Furthermore, Coolee Bravo claims that he laughed upon hearing “Family Matters.”


Bravo went on to say that he informed them that the DAMN rapper and Whitney were still apart in Los Angeles. He went on to say that once they gave him the money, he divided $50,000 “with his ni**as.” Coolee went on to say that once “Family Matters” became popular, he and his buddies laughed and referred to Drake as “stupid.”

It should be mentioned that in response to his allegations, Coolee Bravo’s X/Twitter account was removed on Monday, May 13.

The song that was allegedly meant to put an end to the feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar in the former’s favor is “Family Matters,” which DJ Akademiks has referred to as the “nuclear option.” The reaction to Lamar’s “Euphoria” and “6:16 in LA” was “Family Matters.” The major themes of the song accused K. Dot of abusing his fiance, assaulting Whitney, employing Baby Keem as his ghostwriter, and asserting that Dave Free is the biological father of Kendrick’s children.

However, as everyone is now aware, Lamar would drop “Meet the Grahams” thirty minutes after “Family Matters,” so killing whatever momentum Drake may have had.

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