Drake Seemingly Deads Kendrick Lamar Beef After Perceived Defeat

Drake has seemingly decided that it’s better to accept defeat when it comes to battling Kendrick Lamar, especially now that there’s been an all-but-unanimous decision that the Compton rapper came out on top.



Taking to his Instagram Stories on Saturday (May 11), Drizzy posted an illustration of a Japanese samurai facing off against a huge cavalry — a nod to the “20 vs. 1” narrative he referenced on his diss song “Push Ups.” 

Above the picture, he wrote: “Good times. Summer vibes up next.”

Many fans took the post to mean that he’s respectfully bowed out of the battle between himself and Kendrick. “and just like that one of the greatest beefs in hip hop history has just ended,” opined one fan, while another wrote: “he threw the white flag.”

Drake previously appeared to respond to the outcome of the beef when he posted a clip from the Netflix series  which features veteran actor Jeff Daniels in the lead role.

In the scene, Daniels’ character says: “I don’t mean this as a criticism. Maybe I do. But when you die, will people notice? When I go, there are gonna be a lot of memories of me by a lot of people, many who hate me. Even so, a person needs to live with vigor. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

While everyone from Joe Budden to Cam’ron and Ma$e believe that Kendrick Lamar took home the victory, TDE label head Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith thinks that another winner emerged victorious: the culture.

“This battle is over. A win for the culture, while keeping it all on wax,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter) earlier this week. “Especially when these publications try to make it something else.

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“We proved them wrong. That’s a victory within itself. On another note, it’s time to wrap up this TDE 20yr anniversary compilation.”

Like Top Dawg, Freddie Gibbs also feels a third party was the biggest beneficiary of the battle between Drake and Kendrick.

Knowing Gangsta Gibbs isn’t one to shy away from sharing his opinion, a fan took to X earlier this week to ask the Indiana rapper who he thinks won the feud.

“The record labels,” Gibbs simply responded.

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