Drake’s Worst and Best Fashion Moments Over the Years

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There’s no debate, Drake is still the most popular rapper in the world, despite his very public defeat to Kendrick Lamar in the rap battle of the century.

As a result, everything “The Boy” does is under a microscope, even his fits. Just recently, hip-hop fans had a lot to say about his recent Instagram post, claiming that he was taking some shots at Lamar in the caption.

Ignoring the post, the 6-God put together his best outfit in a while. But in the past, the Toronto rapper’s fashion sense has always been under fire. He’s always had a knack for keeping up with trends, but hasn’t necessarily put them together the best and has moments where he misses the mark entirely.

With that in mind, let’s look back at some of his highest and lowest fashion moments over the years.

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