Following the third mansion invasion and his fight with Kendrick Lamar, Drake makes an appeal to the media.

Following the third mansion invasion and his fight with Kendrick Lamar, Drake makes an appeal to the media.

Following a contentious two weeks for the musician, Drake has made an appeal to the media. The Canadian celebrity has been in the news recently due to his spat with Kendrick Lamar, in which the two have been exchanging personal jabs. A few days later, there was a drive-by shooting in front of Drake’s house. A security guard was shot in the chest on Tuesday, May 7, and when police came on the scene, they discovered him unconscious. It is thought that the guard was shot at around two in the morning when he was standing in front of the property, outside the gates. After then, he was taken to a nearby hospital suffering from severe wounds.

According to authorities, one suspect drove away from the scene. Although Drake’s team is assisting with the investigation, authorities were unable to establish whether the rapper was at home when the shooting occurred. A few days later, someone attempted to break into Drake’s mansion, and hours later, another was seen outside. After fighting with security guards, the second invader was transported to the hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. According to Toronto Police Service, a third burglar was led off the rapper’s premises on Saturday, May 11. Drake recently made mention of the intense curiosity about his home on Instagram in a message to the Canadian news outlet CP24. “Can we talk about the helicopter flight times over the house?” he wrote.

A rivalry between two of the world’s biggest rappers has simmered for years, flaring up again in recent weeks thanks to the surprise tracks.

The feud between the two stars began a month ago when Lamar hit out at the Canadian rapper and J Cole in his song “First Person Shooter”.

Drake has responded with a diss track accusing Lamar of domestic violence. Lamar in turn has accused Drake of having a secret daughter.

A long-simmering rivalry between two of the biggest rappers in the world has just resurfaced because of the surprise tracks. When Kendrick Lamar attacked J Cole and the Canadian rapper in his song “First Person Shooter” one month ago, the two celebrities got into a fight. In response, Drake released a diss tune in which he accused Lamar of domestic abuse. Lamar has countered by saying that Drake has a secret daughter. The “Humble” rapper refers to Drake as a “certified paedophile” in a different song called “Not Like Us” and makes repeated allusions to his alleged relationships with younger women.

According to Paul Krawczyk of the police department’s Integrated Gun and Gang Task Force, the reason for the shooting at Drake’s residence is still being looked into.

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