Funk Flex questions Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar’s purpose: ‘Was it a lyrical competition?’

While Funkmaster Flex may have an unpopular opinion of the contest, he is far from the first Hip Hop OG to comment on the feud.Drake Goes on the Defensive Against Kendrick with "The Heart Part 6"

LL COOL J, for one, recently shared that he feels that Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s beef was “great” for Hip Hop – and that K.Dot definitely won.

Appearing on The Bootleg Kev Podcast in an episode published on Tuesday (June 18), Cool James – who knows a thing or two about rap beefs – shared his thoughts on the infamous feud.

“I thought it was great for Hip Hop,” he told Kev. I thought it was the right thing. I thought they both did well, they held their own. I thought that Kendrick won, but I thought that Drake by no means did he embarrass himself or have anything to hold his head down about.”

LL. continued: “He did his thing, he showed up and I think his fans can feel comfortable wit that.

[…] The key to that stuff is as a long as it doesn’t distract you from your ultimate goal it’s a wonderful thing to participate in. I love it.”

Meanwhile, Ice Cube doesn’t believe Kendrick Lamar is finished beefing with Drake

Speaking with Shaquille O’Neal on a recent episode of The Big Podcast, the N.W.A legend offered his thoughts on the fiery rap beef that ended up involving families and wild accusations about pedophilia and domestic abuse.

Offering his take on the feud, Cube said: “I always approve of rap battles. That’s the essence of the game. It goes back to Busy Bee and Kool Moe Dee and even further than that. It’s part of the game as long as it doesn’t get physical because that’s not rap.

He concluded: “I think Kendrick is up, he’s landed the more hard and effective punches, but that don’t mean Drake can’t get off the canvas. If I was Kendrick, I’d stay locked and loaded just to be ready for whatever.”


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