“I believe he’s overhyped” – Former rapper Oschino shares his take on the Kendrick Lamar and Drake feud, arguing that the latter has produced more hit songs.

Oschino Vasquez, known for his singles, recently shared his response to the beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake along with his opinion on the music of both artists. During an appearance on a podcast for the African Cultural Art Forum in Philadelphia, he addressed Lamar by saying:

“Kendrick can rap, too, but I think he’s overrated. He know people are gonna be talkin’ sh*t. All of his songs are not hot to me.”


Vasquez continued speaking about Drake, saying he pauses in between while listening to Drake’s tracks. He then shifted to Lamar’s work by saying that he goes “too deep” in a few of his songs. Oschino then praised Lamar for his lyrics and added:

“People like something they don’t understand a little bit. You need to be saying some crazy double entendres sometimes, but Kendrick Lamar got a lot of songs I don’t like. Lyrics? He hot. But some of the songs, they ain’t for me.”

Despite comparing the works of the rappers, Vasquez said in the end that Drake was a better rapper and his lyrics were “hot.” He responded to the beef by specifically talking about Drake and stated:

“First of all, Drake got a whole country behind him. Drake got the most hits. Girls like Drake. Drake comes across as a nice guy.”Oschino Vasquez has collaborated with Kanye West and Jay Z in the past

The Philadelphia native was previously a member of the hip-hop group, State Property. While the band became inactive at one point, Oschino Vasquez pursued a solo career where his songs such as North Philly and Do It For the Homies received a positive response.

He has also penned a few lyrics for Kanye West while working with State Property and joined Jay Z for some of his hit projects. While speaking to the African Cultural Art Forum last year, Vasquez opened up on the time he was involved in drug dealing and said he was earning thousands of dollars per week. He added:

“But it’s not worth it because the risk. The risk just ain’t worth it. I quit cold turkey. They robbed my house one time on Lincoln Drive and I said, ‘I quit.’ I don’t smoke weed, I don’t do all that sh*t, I won already, I quit. And as soon as I quit, everybody else I was f*cking with got booked. It’s like, I be getting a sense of sh*t.”


In another interview with Philadelphia Weekly in 2019, Vasquez addressed his commitment to the world of music:

“The honest true stories I tell will never get played out – there’s going to be mothers on drugs one hundred years from now. No sugar coating. My painting is something I do for my soul.”

Oschino was also involved in a legal issue in 2000 where he was arrested after a witness reportedly said he fired shots at someone on the road. However, the problem was resolved after the witness denied his claim.

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