Is This Real? Drake’s Feature on “Hey There Delilah” Parody Sends Fans Into a Frenzy

Tom Higgenson, the songwriter of “Delilah” and frontman of Plain White T’s, was also baffled by the song’s release on SoundCloud.


Drake sits by others wearing a blue jacket with his hand raised, gesturing a peace sign at a music eventImage via Getty/Carmen Mandato

People are deeply perplexed by Drake’s appearance on Snowd4y’s Toronto-centered “Hey There Delilah” parody, including the songwriter behind the original 2006 track.

The parody in question, titled “Wah Gwan Delilah” and released on SoundCloud, arrived this week on a wave of confusion. Many speculated that the Drake feature was the work of some sort of AI-enabled tomfoolery. An Instagram Stories update from the 6 God himself, however, was widely assumed to serve as confirmation that he did indeed contribute a verse (or at the very least approved what some are still convinced is an emulation).

Shortly after the track’s release, Tom Higgenson, frontman of American pop-punk/rock band and “Delilah” originators Plain White T’s, asked in an IG Stories update if Drake had shared a “cover” of the years-long hit from the mid-2000s.

“WTF is going onnnn,” Higgenson, who penned the Grammy-nominated blockbuster about a real woman named Delilah, asked in a subsequent update.

Screenshot of an Instagram Story with the text "Did Drake just cover Delilah???" showing an image of Drake and an album cover for Snowday, Wah Gwan Delilah featuring Drake

Image via Tom Higgenson

Screenshot of @higgypop's Instagram story showing a music track named "Wah Gwan" by Snow featuring featured artist, with a comment "Nah drake trolling" and text "wtf is going onnnn."


js-subbuzz__attribution “>Image via Tom Higgenson 

Of course, Snowd4y and Drizzy’s take is presumably intended to serve as an intentionally satirical creation and should not be taken with the usual full helping of seriousness. At any rate, the jokes, AI speculation, and more have been making the rounds online ever since the track’s release.

Get a taste of what that looks like below.

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