Jaden Smith CONFRONTS Will Smith For Throwing Creepy S*x Parties (FULL VIDEO BELOW)

Jaden Smith CONFRONTS Will Smith For Throwing Creepy S*x Parties (FULL VIDEO BELOW)

Jaden Smith CONFRONTS Will Smith For Throwing Creepy S*x Parties

Will Smith is not holding back as he reveals the truth about Will Smith and P Diddy’s purported parties. On the other hand, Jaden has never shied away from controversy, especially regarding his father’s reported homosexuality. But the question is, what happens behind closed doors, and what does Jaden think of the claims that his father is gay? Prepare for a crazy trip as Jaden drops some massive bombshells.

Will Smith, the Hollywood megastar, is no stranger to controversy. This four-time Grammy Award-winning actor, film producer, and rapper is consistently at the top of the social media news feed, whether it’s about his personal or professional life. And without question, celebrities enjoy controversy, both good and negative.

The actor’s secret sexuality has been the subject of countless rumors. The “Aladdin” star was recently accused of dating his male co-star, Dwayne Campbell. In addition, YouTuber Trisha Paytas accused Smith of exploiting her male dancers. Smith’s homosexuality is nothing new. Before the late actress Alexis Arquette died in 2016, she alleged that Will Smith’s ex-wife, Sherry Sampido, divorced him because she saw Will in bed with another man. Arquette said in a since-deleted Facebook post, “According to the Daily Mail, ‘When Jada comes out as gay and her beard husband admits his first marriage ended when she walked into him servicing his sugar daddy, Benny Medina, then I will listen to them.’”

While Smith appears to be the only gay person we’ll be discussing here, reports of the hip-hop mogul and producer, Diddy, being gay have recently circulated. Furthermore, Diddy’s ex-bodyguard, Gene Deal, claimed that Diddy was frequently sexually fluid and once took rapper Exhibit to a gay club. He also claimed to have witnessed Diddy engaging in gay behaviors, adding, “I know that for a fact because I was right there.”


Fans on Twitter had some humorous comments about the Smith family’s somewhat unsettling situation. One of them said, “At this point, Tupac is the third wheel in Will and Jada’s relationship. I’m sure his spirit is wondering when he’ll be left alone.” Another tweeted, “I miss the days we didn’t know anything about Will and Jada other than the fact that they were married and both really pretty. And that’s it from us today. Until next time, bye.”



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