Kendrick Lamar jabs AT Drake and J.Code on new feature track, “LIKE THAT” with future & metro boomin

In a recent release from Future and Metro Boomin‘s collaborative album “WE DON’T TRUST YOU,” KENDRICK LAMAR‘s verse on the track “Like That” has sent shockwaves through the hip-hop community.

Known for his lyrical prowess and unapologetic demeanour, Lamar’s aggressive delivery has ignited a firestorm of debate, particularly with his pointed jabs at fellow rap heavyweights Drake and J. Cole.

The hoopla revolves around Lamar’s blistering verse on “Like That,” where he pulls no punches in addressing perceived slights from Drake and J. Cole. Lamar’s verbal onslaught showcases his disdain for what he views as “sneak dissing” from his contemporaries, as well as his outright rejection of the concept of a “Big 3” within the rap landscape, a category that Cole included himself, Drake, and K-Dot.

Lamar’s shots are laser-focused, as he directly calls out Drake and J. Cole for their alleged subliminal disses. By casting doubt on the authenticity of their camaraderie and dismissing their collective stature, Lamar unveils a layer of tension simmering beneath the surface of the rap industry’s glossy exterior. His confrontational approach lays bare the competitive nature of the genre, challenging his peers to step up or step aside.

Embedded within Lamar’s incendiary verse are direct references to Drake‘s recent album, “For All The Dogs,” as well as the duo’s collaborative track “First Person Shooter,” serving as ammunition for his verbal assault. These overt nods to specific events and collaborations underscore the intensity of Lamar’s message, leaving no room for ambiguity or misinterpretation. With each bar, Lamar asserts his dominance and demands respect within the rap pantheon.

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