Kendrick Lamar Responds to Drake’s Claim That Elliott Wilson Snitched On Him During Their Feud

During the interview, Wilson revealed that Drake sent him a rat emoji prior to the release of “Family Matters,” insinuating that the Rap Radar Podcast co-host was a snitch.

Wilson later discussed the spat in greater detail on HipHopDX’s The Bigger Picture series alongside DJ Hed and Jeremy Hecht.

“That morning, we got 6.16 in LA to set the day, which we didn’t see coming. Amazing record, he began. “There was a lot of industry rumors that Drake was gonna respond that night. It wasn’t some big secret.”

He continued: We had our falling out with the Bobbi [Althoft] thing when I criticized that, but we had gotten kinda cool more behind tive scenes and him supporting my social media feeds and that type of shit. I hit him like, ‘Yo, you dropping a joint tonight?’ I’m just snifting around.

“He’s like, ‘Yeah, something, lol.’ And I saw the things where he was kinda letting Akademiks know something’s coming. ‘Get it in your stream. Letting Kai [Cenat] know something’s coming, Get it in your stream. Letting Mal know something’s roming. Drake has media relationships and at times, he’s giving us information to help present to the world.”

“so he teases ja response track), and then out of nowhere, he sent me a rat emoji!” he added. “I’ve never had a grown man ever send me a disrespectful emoji of any sort. I’m a grown ass

man. I’m fuming.”

Wilson said he replied by sending Drake a meme of 50 Cent asking in disbelief. “What he say ‘fuck me’ for?” but the 6 God never responded.

“I felt that he thought I was against him and I had chosen a side and I couldn’t be trusted anymore,” the journalist explained, before pushing back against the notion that he’s a “rat.”

“What would I rat about? Imagine if you said that everything Kendrick knows [is] ’cause Elliott Wilson is telling him that? Kendrick would laugh all day. I’m cool with Kendrick, but we’re not cool like that to even have that level of personal rapport.”

Wilson conduded by saving that after sending him a rat emoji Emake ceased contact with him

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