Mustard clears up claim he’s “trolling” Drake in Kendrick Lamar ‘Not Like Us’ video

During an interview with Big Boy, however, Mustard clarified: “I wasn’t trolling. I really wasn’t trolling. I bought a lot of hats that I like. I bought an STL hat, an Angels hat, a Braves hat. I put Faith of a Mustard Seed [the title of his new album] on all of them.

“I sweated out two of my hats at Pop Out [Kendrick Lamar’s Inglewood concert] and that was the last hat that I had with Faith of a Mustard Seed on it. It just happened to be a Toronto Blue Jays hat.”

“I made that beat on my manager’s birthday [April 6],” he told XXL. “I sent [Kendrick] maybe three [beats] that day. He just hearted it. I didn’t hear it ’til [the song] came out.”

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