Breaking News : OffSet makes his rounds back to Cardi B and she’s now expecting baby #3 in between side chicks

Breaking News : OffSet makes his rounds back to Cardi B and she’s now expecting baby #3 in between side chicks

Posted: 2024-5-26

If you haven’t heard, Cardi B is expecting baby number three. Word on the street is she revealed her pregnancy at a recent Megan Thee Stallion concert. Offset seems to have returned to his wife, and they are both reportedly happy about the news. However, rumors say their marriage is still shaky due to ongoing cheating allegations against Offset.

The couple, whose relationship has been tumultuous, is apparently hoping that a new baby will help mend their issues. But with two children already, it’s unclear how another baby will solve their problems. Cardi B is said to be almost four months pregnant and already showing, as seen at the New York concert with Megan Thee Stallion.

Despite appearing happy, many question why Cardi B remains with Offset given his alleged infidelities. For Mother’s Day, Offset gifted her three necklaces, possibly hinting at the third child. Twitter speculated that this gesture confirmed the pregnancy


It’s puzzling why Cardi B continues to stay with Offset, especially with the public knowledge of his alleged affairs. How does she reconcile being with someone who is unfaithful? The situation is reminiscent of other celebrity relationships where fidelity is an issue, yet the public displays of affection continue.


Cardi B hasn’t been very active recently, but now that she’s pregnant, she’s back in the spotlight. Some celebrities, like Ashanti, seem to work more during pregnancy, which is confusing to many. Why not take it easy?


Ultimately, it seems Cardi B might be sending a message to the side chicks by proudly showing her pregnancy. It’s like saying, “He may stray, but he always comes back to me.” This behavior is seen in other celebrities too, such as Beyoncé, who famously displayed her pregnancy amidst rumors of infidelity.

However, the real question is, who’s winning in this situation? The side chicks might get temporary satisfaction and possibly financial benefits, while Cardi B deals with the responsibilities of family and the emotional turmoil of a cheating spouse. Cardi B is reportedly the main breadwinner now, making the dynamic even more complicated.

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