I make hundreds of thousands on OnlyFans but now I want to become a world champion after boxing changed my life /d

ELLE BROOKE has made fortunes from her OnlyFans career – but now she is seeking something money can’t buy.

The adult film star has been living the life of a professional fighter for the past two years after signing for Misfits Boxing.

Elle Brooke wants to become a champion in boxing

Elle Brooke wants to become a champion in boxingCredit: Getty

That is despite raking it in as an OnlyFans star

That is despite raking it in as an OnlyFans starCredit: Twitter

Brooke has been boxing for two years


Brooke has been boxing for two yearsCredit: Instagram / @thedumbledong
Brooke has been known to make up to £60,000-a-MONTH through her racy online content.

But her pursuit of boxing success is actually costing her financially after forking out for top coaches and training camps.

Probed on her earning potential outside the ring, Brooke told SunSport: “Oh my God, hundreds of thousands!

“It’s a lot of money, I don’t even want to say how much because you’re going to be like, ‘No way.’

“And my boxing career hasn’t made me a lot of money. I pay a lot in coaches and training – and a lot of people don’t believe that.

“For my first Misfits fight I got paid $10,000 which sounds like a lot but once you get your kit, paid my team, all the percentages, I was at a loss.

“For my KingPyn fight that went bust I literally lost for free.”

Brooke was waking up to thousands in her bank before beginning boxing in 2022.

Now she is trained by top coach Mark Tibbs, who puts her through gruelling and exhausting sessions

But why continue with so much fame and fortune already?

Brooke answered: “If something’s easy then it’s not really worth having anyway.

“And OnlyFans is quite quick money whereas at least when I die or I’m on my death bed I can at least say I can say I did this and I tried my hardest at it.

“It gives me something to be really proud of. Not that I’m not proud of OnlyFans but boxing is earned.

“There’s two people in the ring and only one of them wins. OnlyFans it’s a lot easier to be successful on.”

Brooke, 26, has ditched drug and booze benders for straight and narrow boxing camps and credits the sport for changing her life.

She said: “In terms of lifestyle, mentality, the friendships I have I’m just surrounded by likewise people who all want to do well.

“I’ve quit drinking on the weekends, going out, I’m more focused, I’m at home. I’m more grounded into a routine that I love.”

Brooke has been touted to go all the way in the sport by her esteemed coach Tibbs and ex-champion mentor Ebanie Bridges.

She revealed: “Mark has so much trust in me, he’s like, ‘You could be world champion one day.’ He says stuff like that all the time. And I would love that.

Brooke has been backed to win a boxing title

Brooke has been backed to win a boxing titleCredit: Instagram / @thedumbledong

She currently fights for Misfits Boxing

She currently fights for Misfits BoxingCredit: Getty

Ex-world champ Ebanie Bridges with Brooke

Ex-world champ Ebanie Bridges with BrookeCredit: Getty
“And having Ebanie as my number one role model when I started boxing always showed me that I could do that.

“She had a little bit of combat sports experience but she stated when she was 30, I started when I was 24 so I already have a six year jump ahead of her and look what she’s achieved.

“So it’s doable and being around that, especially when you’re brand new makes you realise your dreams aren’t always so far away.”

“I think I could. I think I have everything you need to become a world champion.

“I might not be the most technical boxer in the world but I’m strong, I’m powerful and I’m tough.

“And that beats the technical boxers if you really want it.”

Before Brooke can dream of world title glory, she returns this weekend in Texas against former UFC star and fellow OnlyFans earner Paige VanZant.

VanZant – who went 8-5 in the UFC – began training in martial arts as a teenager – a far cry for Brooke’s early years.

She said: “I think through our teenage years she would’ve been in the gym training and I would’ve been getting drunk in a park bench every weekend.

“I was partying every weekend till I was 23. Very different. But I followed her on Instagram and I was familiar with her name but not necessarily her fighting.

“She was a fighter-turned-OF star, so that’s why I originally followed her, not from her fighting background.”

Brooke facing off with Paige VanZant

Brooke facing off with Paige VanZantCredit: @MisfitsBoxing

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