Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson confirmed as an exhibition, ‘Iron Mike’ promises to bring a “real fight” in July /d

Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson won’t be a professional boxing match after all.

Jake Paul, Mike Tyson

Last month, fans were shocked to see ‘The Problem Child’ announce a fight with ‘Iron Mike’. There was a major lack of details about the fight itself. However, fans did learn that the bout would be broadcast on Netflix, and go down in front of 80,000 fans at AT&T Stadium in Dallas. Furthermore, there were quick reports that the fight was being targeted as a professional fight.

That led to a lot of anger from fans, and UFC President Dana White. The promoter famously slammed Jake Paul for choosing to fight Mike Tyson, who is now 57 years old. He joked that the influencer would likely try and face Clint Eastwood next, who is well into his 90s. The good news for White is that Paul’s next fight won’t be a professional one.

Mike Tyson confirmed such in a recent interview with Fox News‘ Sean Hannity. There, the boxing legend previewed his return against Jake Paul and confirmed that the bout wouldn’t be a professional fight. Instead, it will be an exhibition contest, like his 2020 comeback against Roy Jones Jr.

Given Tyson’s age, that comes as no surprise. Still, the former heavyweight champion promised to bring a real fight to the YouTuber this summer. Furthermore, Tyson promised that this exhibition wouldn’t be like others in the past, and would still be an actual fight.

Mike Tyson

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Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson confirmed as an exhibition, not a professional boxing match

“This is called an exhibition.” Mike Tyson stated in the interview, discussing his boxing return against Jake Paul. “But if you look up exhibition, you will not see any of the laws that we’re fighting under. This is a fight. I don’t think he’s faster than me. I saw a YouTube of him at 16 doing weird dances, that’s not the guy I’m going to be fighting. This guy is going to come, he’s going to try and hurt me which I’m accustomed to.”

He continued, “He’s going to be greatly mistaken. Hey, I will [kick his ass] for you. Right now, I’m scared to death but as the fight gets closer the less nervous I become because it’s reality. The reality is that I’m invincible. I will [teach him a lesson but do I], dislike him? No. I don’t have any grudge against him, he’s beautiful. No, not from that perspective.”

For those unaware, exhibition boxing matches don’t go on one’s record, which is a major difference. Mike Tyson stated that most exhibitions have headgear and typically don’t have judges, which is correct. However, this one will have a slight difference, in that there’s no headgear. Furthermore, there’s no confirmation on if the bout will be judged.

What do you make of these comments? Will you watch Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson this summer?

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