Kylie Jenner was criticized for being ‘unhygienic’ when she went to check her cosmetics line

Kylie Jenner – reality TV star and famous businesswoman in the cosmetics industry – was criticized by the online community for being “unhygienic” because of shortcomings when inspecting the cosmetics production line.

After the latest episode of the reality TV show The Kardashians , American reality TV star Kylie Jenner (25 years old) was criticized by the public. The reason is because she visited a cosmetic production line belonging to the brand she owns, this facility is located in Milan (Italy), but Kylie did not comply with basic hygiene standards.

Specifically, Kylie Jenner did not use any protective equipment such as gloves or masks when visiting the laboratory. Kylie also left her hair loose, while laboratory work rules require those present to tie their hair neatly, wear a hood, mask and gloves.

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American reality TV star – Kylie Jenner (Photo: Page Six).

Not wearing gloves, Kylie still mixes ingredients for some product lines herself. At one point, she even brought a cup of ingredients close to her mouth and said, “I want to drink all of this.”

Kylie’s actions were to show excitement, but for viewers watching The Kardashians show, Kylie as a cosmetics business owner did not show her professionalism.

In another scene, Kylie uses a spoon to take out a little product to test on her hand, then puts the spoon that just touched her skin back into the cup containing the ingredients. These details attracted many comments from netizens.

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Kylie visits a cosmetics production line belonging to the brand she owns (Photo: Page Six).

The cosmetics business is an area that once gave Kylie the title of youngest billionaire in the world. However, in March 2019, Forbes magazine (USA) withdrew the title of youngest USD billionaire in the world, which the magazine once reserved for Kylie Jenner when she was only 21 years old.

Forbes believes that Kylie exaggerated her business success and showed signs of being vague and dishonest about the financial reports of the cosmetics company she founded.

Previously, Forbes estimated the value of the cosmetics company founded by Kylie Jenner at more than 900 million USD. In addition to her outside income, Kylie is said to have total assets of more than one billion USD. USD and so, Forbes concluded that she was a USD billionaire.

However, after putting Kylie on the cover of an edition with the title of youngest billionaire in the world, Forbes immediately withdrew this title and said that Kylie Jenner was not a billionaire, she had inflated her sales. The company’s profits and the amount of assets that Kylie actually owns are only about 900 million USD.

Before this scandal, Kylie Jenner once spoke up: ” All I see are a series of inaccurate statements and statements that are not clearly proven. I have never asked for fame.” any title, and has never intentionally lied to gain any title .”

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